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hi, i recently bought a Grado RS2 and it sounds great. I find the supplied cables to have a big gap between the internal wire and the external plastic. How durable are these cables? i am a bit apprehensive since i the cable on my E4C broke within a year. Should i consider upgrading the cables for better sound quality? thanks
hi.. i have received SCL4-K as the replacement for my E4C. i hope the sound quality is the same. is it advisable not to twist the cord around the ear to prolong the cord's life?
hi, i recently got introduced to the world of Hi Fi music after buying my Grado RS2 powered by Gilmore Lite. My music collection prior to my purchase were mostly pop music. Although the grado sound magical with instrumental, blue grass(allison krauss) and rock music, it does seem to do any magic on pop music. so, does that mean that the grados are not designed for pop music or i am beginning to prefer the other genres. would any other headphone do better on pop music?
thanks for the reply... can you please suggest a good DAC below 200 dollars. my budget is low because i have already spent a lot on my headphone setup.
hi guys, i am planning to buy a laptop. as i would need a line out socket to power my gilmore lite + Grado RS2, can you please suggest any laptop brand/model which will provide a true line out?
hi.. the E4c is a great neutral sounding IEM. the only problem i had with my E4C was the cable which broke near the ear piece(both ears) after one year of usage. i have sent for replacement. i recommend buying and also suggest that the you take proper care of the cable.
hi... i bought a Grado RS2. I find that after 30 minutes of constant listening, my right ear hurts. i don't face any problems with my left ear. Has anyone faced similar pains.
Would it help if i apply some insulation tape on the wire which comes in contact with the skin?
I finally got the Grado RS2 and Gilmore Lite amp. they sound amazing together. i would like to thank fellow headfiers for their advice. The headphone sounds bright if i increase the volume. but at low volumes it sounds well balanced and melodious. i guess this headphone should be listened at low volumes since the documentation says that the headphone is designed to be listened at reasonable volume levels.. thanks guys...
Hi.. i am sending my E4c for repair. i heard from some threads that shure gives the SE310 as a replacement. any idea if the SE310 has better cabling than the E4c. i love the E4c's and would prefer the SE310 only if it has better cabling.
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