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Hi, Thanks for all the suggestions. I finally bought DAC Magic and so far very happy. it is 2 days old and it already sounds great. All harshness of my Grado has disappeared and the soundstage has increased.
Hi, thanks for the reply. any idea on the reliability of the NAD players. I want them to last atleast for 5-10 years unless technology changes.
Hi, Would the NAD 545 CDPlayer be suitable with Grado RS2 headphone? i read in a review that the CDPlayer is very detail and am worried if it would make my headphone very bright. Most of my listening would be with my Grado and i want to be sure that the synergy is good. Any suggestions guys or can people who have used the NAD 545 player share your experince? Thanks in advance!!!
Pics of the headphone availabe at the following link, Picasa Web Albums - bunny - Grado RS2 Please ping me if interested
Hi, I am looking to buy a good CD Player with USB input and found out the Yamaha CDS700 to suit my needs. However i am not able to find any reviews on this player. If anyone has used this player, can you please suggest or recommend? Are there any other similar players? Thanks...
ok.. so i guess V-DAC should have a great synergy with the Grados cause it would complement the treble brightness of the grados.
hi, thanks for the reply. i havent considered the pico upsampling DAC so far.. is it better than the V-DAC or DAC Magic when connected to a computer? i prefer quaility over size. I feel my Grado is already bright enough and would prefer a calmer presentation.
Hi, My current setup is a Grado rs2 powered by a gilmore lite. Most of my music is on my laptop as either mp3 or flac. so i want to buy a DAC but not sure whether V-DAC or DAC Magic is more suited for my setup. i dont mind spending extra on the DAC Magic but it should be definitely better that the V-DAC. Also most of my music is pop and rock. i am not a big fan of bassy music. Any suggestions board members? is there any other DAC in this price range that would more...
hi. i have an RS2 (with buttons) which i am planning to sell. please let me know your offerings. Am also interested in source components and DAC.
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