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My choice would be the AKG K1000s provided I can find a cave for sound isolation and protecting the drivers from beach sand
thanks for sharing. i have a small head and have to adjust often to get a good seal. Will try your mod later :)
Yes, Original Sennheiser stock cables
Selling my FIIO E5 which i have used only once and pretty much remained unused over the last 1 year. Looking for 10 GBP which includes shipping within UK
Selling my pretty heavily used Transit USB. It has some small scratches on the body but it is fully functional and gets the job done perfectly. Selling since i no longer use them and they have been replaced with the FIIO E10. Looking for 15 GBP which includes shipping to UK. Thanks.
Selling my grado 1/8 to 1/4 adaptor for 10 GBP. Price include shipping to UK. Thanks
Selling my spare HD25 earpads which i have never used. Comes will a small Sennheiser carry bag. Looking for 10 GBP which includes first class shipping within UK.   Thanks
Hi   I am selling off my headphone setup to fund my new photography hobby. Just bought the OMD EM5 and looking to buy some good lenses. Interested in Olympus 45mm and Panasonic 100-300 m4/3 lenses.   I bought these headphones some time back from another seller in a different forum. I am the second owner. Headphone comes with Original box and packaging. Physically in good condition except the faded paint on one of the cups. The swivel mechanism on these headphones...
Price drop to 20 GBP
I once compared my Lavry at volume level 39 with M-audio Transit USB and found it hard to identify any difference. My headphones and amp were HD800 and M-stage respectively. As i increased the volume on Lavry, it sounded better than my Transit USB. But i always listen at low volumes and didnt test distortion at high volumes.
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