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This is an interest check on a Grado RS1 with wooden box and grado 1/4 to 1/8 adaptor. I am not really using it much and recently acquired many headphones. Have attached a sample picture and will upload more if requested. Looking for 360 GBP including shipping and paypal with UK. Open to ship within EU although need to adjust the price for additional shipping cost.   Thanks
I have used and enjoyed the AKG K550 on a long distance plane. Very good isolation and comfort. But i guess they are quite big in size :(   IEMs are also great since they offer good isolation and block the ears from varying air pressure. However they are too sensitive for in flight entertainment sockets.
Posting this for information.   I checked with AKG about headband parts in UK. The K601 headband cost 56.7 GBP and the K702 (65th annie) cost 137.99 GBP. Also there is an  addition 7 GBP postage. Looks like it will be cheaper to buy the K702 annies and not bother about replacing the parts on K701/Q701 :(   I desparately want to get rid of the bumps...
Hi. I am looking to buy an AKG K601 in the UK. Price based on age and condition. Please message me if you have one for sale. Thanks
Price dropped
Pics updated. Also the golden bag (as seen in the pic) is also included
Pics updated. Also open to shipping to EU provided additional shipping charges is met. Cheers
Hi   Coincidently, I have the MA900 for sale :) I have done the resitor mod to the headphones so it is not stock. You can have a look at my sale thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/645876/sony-ma900   Cheers
I am thinking of selling my HD600 as i want to shrink my headphone collections and my AKGs have gained all my affection. These were bought  as seconds and the pads and headband was replaced by me few months back. It costed around 45 pounds to replace and they still look new. The headphones are in great condition and come with HD650 cable and original sennheiser box. There is small wear of 'Sennheiser' logo on top of the headphone. Looking for 165 GBP which includes...
Hi   For sale is my recently acquired Sony MA900. I bought it second hand from a fellow head-fier. The headphone has been rewired by me to remove the resistor in the circuit. I noticed improved extensions in the treble after the rewire. Apart from the rewire, everything else is in as new condition. I got rid of the original packaging but will pack the headphone safely and securely. I am selling because i find them heavy in bass and prefer my Q701s. Will upload...
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