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Is AKG the only company which doesnt believe in balancing headphones? They have included a single sided connector similar to the X7XX series. maybe they upgraded it to 4 Pin :)
Just when i am done and dusted with this hobby, AKG teases me with the K812. Cant wait for launch and glad it is not a celeb endorsed headphone. Hope AKG comes out with a cooler presentation movie like the one for HD800.
last price drop to 125 GBP including shipping
Last price drop to 300 GBP including UK shipping
Price drop
price drop to 140 GBP
Hi. I am selling my AKG Q701 which is not getting used nowadays. I have cut off the bumps and repasted the leather back on the headband. You can observe it in the pictures. Also there is a small scratch on the headband and the AKG logo on one side has faded (as seen in pictures). Apart from these cosmetic blemishes, the headphone is in perfect working condition. I dont have the original packaging but will pack it securely. Please feel free to ask any...
Now added pictures and updated price. Cheers!!
Thinking of selling my DacMagic Plus which is not seeing any use. There is still around 3 years warranty left and i got a new replacement a week back from richersounds under warranty. I can include the paper work, bills and warranty. Included are the standard power adaptor and the special S-booster power supply seen here at the following link,   I dont have the...
added pics. Bump
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