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I am considering selling my Centrance MC2504 speakers (pair) in excellent working condition. There is one tiny tear in the cloth on the speaker cover and i have shown it in the picture. Speaker will be packed in original packaging box.   Looking for £100 collected in London.   Thanks for looking 
Bought it 2 months back from Sennheiser Outlet UK. In very good working condition. Apart from a small superficial scratch one of the ear pieces, the headphone is in very good cosmetic condition. I have tried to take picture but hard to notice.   Included is original packaging and all accessories that came with it. I can include the delivery receipt for warranty purposes.    Looking for £180 delivered with Royal Mail Signed For.  Thanks for looking
During a recent clear out, i came across a 10ft balanced cable which i am not using and hence listing for sale.    Cable is Style 2552 AWM Mogami and is terminated with balanced connectors.  I also have a customised balanced to sennheiser phono plug for use in unbalanced mode. Please refer to the pictures for more details.    Looking for 20 pounds which includes shipping within UK.    Thanks for looking.    Cheers
I own the SE210 and SE315. SE315 is quite simlar to the E4C in terms of sound signature. The SE210 has much higher bass output than the SE315. The strength of the SE315 is in the mids and i regard them to be more balanced (monitor like) than the SE530 (which i owned previously). For this reason they do sound a bit dry and lifeless but the SE530 is more musical and relaxing.
Actually flagship headphones from major headphone compaines (Shure, Fostex, AKG, Grado, LCD, Denon) are low impedance which seems to be the new trend
Being a female vocal music fan, my impressions of the Q701 was more forward vocals than the HD800. The Q701 does something special in the vocal frequency range in a good way. Another vocal specialist to me is the HD600.
last price drop to 280 pounds with first class signed for shipping to UK. Paypal extra. Below this price, i shall keep this DAC.Cheers
 It can be looked at from the other perspective also. Sennheiser departed from their traditional HD600/HD650 sound signature to compete with AKG. Considering how long it took Sennheiser to Launch the HD800 from the HD600 (omitting HD650 as it is a different flavour), 5 years development is quite short. It is a never ending battle of the flagships .  But I guess  this is the long awaited flagship since the K1000 which makes this more exciting and much longer wait. Hope AKG...
Going by HD600/HD650 pattern, Sennheiser might come out with a HD850 ( a veiled HD800)  
Yes. I have also found the longer cable. So 2 green cables are included.
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