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Selling these headphones which i recently bought from Amazon. Got it for £75 in black Friday deals and have used it for less than 5 hours. However I dont find it to my preference.   I can still send it back to Amazon but wanted to check here before I do so. I have added £5 for signed for delivery and so expecting £80 delivered within UK. If paid by paypal, paypal fees to buyer.   Will upload pictures if anyone is interested.   Thanks
Sold Now
First owner and purchased from a UK retailer around 3 years back.    These headphone have been loved and used extensively. Hence low price.   The headphone has cosmetic marks all through the body as shown in the pics. There is a small tear in the headband leather. Also the headphone cable has been terminated with a new pin as shown in the picture.   However the headphone is in excellent working condition and sounds great.    I dont have the original packaging but...
sold now. Thanks
Shipping included for the price
added pictures
Due to unexpected expenses, I am thinking of selling my DacMagic Plus and BT100 bluetooth adaptor. Colour is Silver and comes with power adaptor and rubber stand. It is in excellent working condition.I do not have the original packaging.   I recently purchased this dac from this forum. Looking for £180 delivered. Thanks
Selling Fiio E10K, boxed, black colour, in very good condition. Looking for £45 delivered in UK. Pictures to follow.   Thanks for looking
bump. price reduced to £100
I am considering selling my Sennheiser HD800 serial number 11XXX. I purchased them second hand and they are in very good working condition. Aftermarket Cardas 1.5m cable is included as I dont have the stock cable.   - The original box is also included. The outside paper cover has a tear. The cardboard box is in good condition. - Due to their age, there are scratch marks (paint chips) on the body. But this doesnt affect performance. - The ear pads shows signs of wear...
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