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Actually flagship headphones from major headphone compaines (Shure, Fostex, AKG, Grado, LCD, Denon) are low impedance which seems to be the new trend
Being a female vocal music fan, my impressions of the Q701 was more forward vocals than the HD800. The Q701 does something special in the vocal frequency range in a good way. Another vocal specialist to me is the HD600.
last price drop to 280 pounds with first class signed for shipping to UK. Paypal extra. Below this price, i shall keep this DAC.Cheers
 It can be looked at from the other perspective also. Sennheiser departed from their traditional HD600/HD650 sound signature to compete with AKG. Considering how long it took Sennheiser to Launch the HD800 from the HD600 (omitting HD650 as it is a different flavour), 5 years development is quite short. It is a never ending battle of the flagships .  But I guess  this is the long awaited flagship since the K1000 which makes this more exciting and much longer wait. Hope AKG...
Going by HD600/HD650 pattern, Sennheiser might come out with a HD850 ( a veiled HD800)  
Yes. I have also found the longer cable. So 2 green cables are included.
Is AKG the only company which doesnt believe in balancing headphones? They have included a single sided connector similar to the X7XX series. maybe they upgraded it to 4 Pin :)
Just when i am done and dusted with this hobby, AKG teases me with the K812. Cant wait for launch and glad it is not a celeb endorsed headphone. Hope AKG comes out with a cooler presentation movie like the one for HD800.
last price drop to 125 GBP including shipping
Last price drop to 300 GBP including UK shipping
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