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Quote: Originally Posted by Geir Everyone locked up their wallet? Lol! I do want to listen to krmathis Stax rig, but also, I do not want to listen to krmathis Stax rig. ...if you know what I mean
No hum whatsoever here, if the one tube, which could cause some hum, sits correctly. The sockets are a bit loose on this amp.
krmathis: this is a thread I started before I decided to go for my RS-1's, and I think Apthenes wanted to ask how I like them, since I have had them for some time. Haven't had the chance to post much lately, but I like the RS-1's a lot. They are great with the Darkvoice, and better with the Zana, with a tighter and deeper bass and bigger image. Also, I think they sound more neutral with it, depending on what 6SL7 tube used of course. I would love to hear the GS-1000's but...
Tung-Sol 6SU7GTY, and two black base, black coated Tung-Sol 6SL7GT's on their way. Got the 6SU7GTY for $4.99. I would say that is a good deal =) Anyone with experience with the black base Tung-Sol's?
Do the Logitech MX518 have the same features? If so, I would highly recommend this mouse over the Razer's, or at least, to the DeathAdder. The Razer's movements feels somewhat unatural and are sloppy (not as exact) compared to the MX518. The MX518 has a lot better buttons too IMO. I always pushed the left button unintentional with the DeathAdder. Nicer shape for the hand on the MX518 as well I might add, at least for me. The DeathAdder is too flat. Got tired of using it.
Two more days
Quote: Originally Posted by bigjim82 (The) Yardbirds Sepultura
Quote: Originally Posted by nghows woah... imagine how that chap in the uk is gonna feel..... so close to getting his ZD and yet so far...... assuming he ordered a ZD in the 1st place! hahaha Yeah lol! Would be hard not to open the box.
Quote: Originally Posted by Solan Where does everyone live, and regularly visit, btw? I live in Grimstad, and visit Hamar for the big holidays. How about you guys? I live in Lillehammer.
Quote: Originally Posted by arirug I will try to come. I will bring with me: Singlepower Extreme, AKG K340 modified, and one not modified, Sennheiser hd650 with Cardas cable, lavry DA-10 and an Oppo dvd player used as transport. Maybe I take with me an Imod with a Jumbo Cryo cable and a RSA Tomahawk too. That would be fenomenal arirug!
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