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Quote: Originally Posted by FrederikS|TPU Amazing guitar!!!! The shear looks of the thing is giving me goose bumps I bet it plays great as well. Oh yeah, it does! Way better than the guy sitting behind it
Thank you for bringing the great news!
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik You could try picking up one of these: Hagerman Audio Labs: FryBaby Personal Audio Burn-In and Cable Break-In Device and seeing if it'll do anything. Assuming that there is no way to test a cable, measure it or quantify changes, I find it amazing that this product was able to be developed in the first place. Awesome device! Here is another interesting tweak for the cable freak.
I would certainly love to see Neil Young at Massey Hall in 1971!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dinan I am not surprised in the above outcome as cables make a massive difference. I am waiting for my HD800s and the first thing I intend to do is a recable. I think it is silly to use a $1,400 can with a stock cable! Now, I do not understand. You think it is silly to use a $1,400 can with a stock cable? Without even having heard it? What if the stock cable is seriously good (not that I am saying the HD800 is)....
Awesome, awesome shoe.
I use version This version is doing everything I want, and I am too lazy to search for new components to make the newer versions work the way I have it set up. Urge to upgrade is very low indeed, but I might look into it some day just for the sake of curiosity
^My coffee almost came out the nose. LOL!
It seems to me that the importance of the source (digital to analog conversion) are often overlooked on this forum. (Not aimed at you SmellyGas).
Quote: Originally Posted by SmellyGas LOL, nah. I just happen to think the HD800's are overhyped, and I know there are many people in my camp. Besides, I already posted how I was able to eliminate the sibilance problem and treble bias to the point where I think they actually sound quite good. Unfortunately, nobody was interested because people here have amp fever. If you don't like how your headphones sound, "oh it must be your amp." If you cannot hear the...
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