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Overpriced or not, they sure sound wonderful! Thanks for your impressions Beagle.
FWIW, I will post my break-in experience with the HD800: While I was waiting for my preordered pair to arrive, I managed to spend the money on a guitar instead, since they were delayed anyway The final weeks before they came, I actually lost interest and did not care much, as I was happy with my HD650's, and I had a new toy to play with anyway. So, when they finally came, I really just needed an excuse to send them back, save the money (I did not have, hi Mastercard),...
Opera rocks! Really like how they did the tab bar this time.
I like having the option of sweetening my sound with tube rolling. I guess it depends on how you look at it. Yes, I do have too many tubes, but I am immensely pleased with both the tube hunting and the tube rolling part. Good fun.
I have a Corsair 620HX, no problems. It is very quiet as well. If the newer models are as good as the one I have, they are highly recommended.
Happy Birthday!!!
Plonter: To further enhance your CD's, you could try this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jack Mono I love it! BS plastic with battery for $250, cable burn-in device, But that's really small change compared to the $1500 stone or whatever shield. You gotta love how people are trying to get rich It's like the water propelled car! (no, not H2, water) There's more. These could very well be the final tweak to a system, where all the cables have gone through the burn in phase, and using the NM Sonic Purifiers....
I do not neccessarily agree with the above recommendations of not spending the grand. I would say spend as much as you feel comfortable with, especially if you can get a nice second hand. Then you will most likely get back what you paid if you decide to upgrade later on. That is one of the beauty of guitars, they hold their value very well. The benefit of a more expensive guitar would in most cases be better mechanics, playability, materials and sound. Just more inspiring...
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