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I still have my HD650. They will not go anywhere anytime soon. I think they are great, especially with the Zana. Getting the HD800 don't change that.
I am speechless...
Hi, hope you had a great meet! Thanks for the impressions so far. Keep'em coming! Yeah, and photos too! Looking forward to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by iriverdude Nope, using 1.0.1. Usually if I skip to a point it pixellates, and takes 5 seconds to go to normal. I think even did it to MKV. Is there any player that does not pixellate? Just tried with an 1080p movie, and VLC does it for about half a second here when searching (only sometimes), no big deal.
I use some fine sandpaper. Afterwards I clean them with some desinfection alcohol or what you call it. I also use this to clean the glass. The alcohol that is, not the sandpaper
Using Windows 7 Pro for a while now, working OK.
Lol, can't go wrong. When I see it says HD800 in the title, I know there's trouble inside...
Neil Young of course. Those who do not think he knows his stuff, are immature in their musical minds. Poor souls
They are ok, not the best for comfort (RS-1). I like over the ear design more. You can easily adjust how much pressure there will be on your ears, but regardless, the pads start to itch after a while.
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