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Happy Birthday! Have a good one
Maybe they made an upgraded version of the stock Voice
Quote: Originally Posted by diogenes Rockport and Ecco seem to be the best I have found. Antother vote for Ecco. Been using their Receptor series for many years. Fit my feet very well. Just bought their dress shoes, and they are super comfortable.
Have anyone experimented with different types of cotton? Just the cheap plain, or egyptian cotton perhaps? Any clothing brands better than others? I am a bit torn about ripping my Levi's apart, or the Diesel for that matter. Well, maybe just a piece from the armpits of each arm, no one will notice anyway. Maybe a mix of 80% cotton with 20% lycra would be nice. I heard the lycra might help balance out the warm characteristic of cotton.
Ok, I'll bring the popcorn out again!
Congrats! May you have many more good years together! Reminds me I have had mine for just over a year too. Wow, time goes fast doesn't it. I am still amazed about this beauty sitting on my desk playing beautiful music
Quote: Originally Posted by LFF Miles Davis - Kind of Blue LFF, thank you very much for the recommendation! I have two different versions of Kind Of Blue, just ordered my third
I used FofR Configuration a while, and liked it. But after I installed Windows 7 I had trouble with it, so I downloaded the newest version of foobar. Not sure if the FofR works so great with the newer foobars. I was running it on an older version, don't recall which one... Anyway, I found that it is easy to configure the newer foobar to my own liking. Just add the foo_ui_columns and a couple of other .dll's, and tweak your layout from Columns UI -> Layout. Well,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Drumonron Regarding the plastic of the gotta see it and touch it but first and foremost, hear it to appreciate it. The comfort is beyond any headphone I've had the privilege to listen to and the HD800 is the perfect balance of material and craftmanship with no compromise in creaks, vibrations, rumbles, distortion of discomfort to annoy and detract from the purest listening experience. I'm at peace...
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