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Doesn't it say something about it in the papers which came with the headphones? I think I read something about it, I think it was in those papers. They are on my head, and I am too lazy to check it at the moment though...
Yeah, cool story bro. Quite shocking indeed! I can imagine the actual phone call... wow. Thanks for sharing.
After I installed an Isoclean fuse in my amp, I sometimes get goosebumps as large as blisters. A painful experience I tell you. Seriously, I don't know, I am really happy with my setup, and listen about every time I get the chance. It is too subjective to give a good answer since we all have different goals... I agree that there could be a backside to listening to gear at meets, as well as the positive sides of trying out different stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by BobMajor His last post was on September 12th. Heard from David the other day, all is good. He's been tied up with work lately.
Congrats on your purchase! Although I am not much of a fuse believer, I have the Isoclean fuse installed in my Zana as well. At least, they should be quality if nothing else. The Valvos are nice, good choice. Note that they are microphonic, at least all mine are more or less, but they sound oh so sweet, as long as they can sit undisturbed. Would be nice if you post some impressions and comparisons to your other amps sometime in the future.
The Eddie Current Zana Deux is dead quiet. The amp is unfortunately a step over your budget though.
Anybody heard from David Pritchard lately?
Thank you for the comparison. One thing, it would be nice if you also mention the rest of the equipment in your rig.
+ YouTube Video ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed. Happy birthday!
Hmmm... from my experience, I would say the HD650's have a smoother signature. I would not say forgiving, but I am sure you will find more ruthless cans out there. Agree that they need a good amp to drive them to their fullest.
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