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Well, I often hear people on this board talk about eargasm. If those people chose music instead of sex, wouldn't that mean they would have to downgrade to lesser setups?
If you're gonna clean your ears, clean them with your albows =) The wax is there for a purpose, I see no reason for deep cleaning with q-tips often. I also believe that it will only lead to even more wax production. Although, I do clean mine every now and then with q-tips, but not too often. I had more wax before, and my hearing is just fine...
Happy birthday to you guys!
It's all subjective. You got to listen for yourself... No one can tell you which system you will like more, as you might have figured out by now.
Lol, you noticed too. Just make sure not to focus with the camera when taking the picture.
Thanks for your answers. Bob_McBob: Not sure, all I know is that there was an issue with PayPal and Expresspost for international shipping, so the seller chose Priority instead.
Waiting for a package which supposedly was sent on October 9th with Canada Post Priority International. As far as I know this is their premium shipping method. Still, today the 13th, it says they can not find the tracking number I got from the seller in their system. Anyone with experience from the Canadian postal service and their tracking system?
I listened to this model ok maybe not this model since it's new but looked the same the noise cancelling is awesome now I want one for crissmezz!!!
Wow, lots of informative threads lately...Thanks for sharing!!
I think I said it before, in an earlier thread too but anyway: Thank you for sharing the good news!
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