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Quote: Originally Posted by LurkerJeff True, though I hardly consider myself an audiophile. I'm more of a perfectionist. Either that or I have a slight case of OCD lol. And thanks man, I appreciate your concern. I wonder why Patrick82 comes to mind... You haven't by chance had any thoughts about "finding the truth" also?
Is that a blue Fiat Miata? Now, this is a nice Ferrari, the 430 Scuderia...
Quote: Originally Posted by ford2 Try not to worry about it,there is very little difference anyway,despite what some might say. Sure is not much of a difference. For those of you who are left on the surface, and never dive down into the depths of music, that is.
I think the HD800 does bass just right. Not too little and not too much. Sure, there are more bass heavy cans out there, but I feel the HD800 has the right amount. Not anywhere as much as the DX1000, which I can't understand all the prase for their bass quality, but that's just me, many seem to love them. I think they sound weird and unproportional, at least out of the Zana. With the HD800, the lows are there, but tight, accurate and not in the way. They seem to have...
Thanks. They show up now.
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Ane Brun. Check her out.
Always be sure to bring a nice headband to replace the headphones when not in use. It will look all natural and lovely, no one will laugh at your hair anymore.
Really nice!! If you want some constructive critique, I think it would be a good idea to edit out the small dots of dust and such. That would make them even better and more professional looking. Sorry for being anal, but these things tend to catch my eye...
I really like the autumn. Lots of cold, fresh air when outside, and good to be inside firing up when the wind and frozen rain sets in. I sleep much better too, when the room is cold, but hate getting out of a warm bed in the morning when its all cold and dark... brrrrrr... And I am also constantly tired the first months in the autumn from all the darkness and little daylight until I sort of get used to it.
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