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What Dallan says. I use the HD650 when using the headphone out on my receiver, as they are more forgiving with lesser equipment, but always reach for the HD800 when listening through the Zana Deux. Different flavours, but I like both headphones a lot. 
I have the Zana Deux too, and I agree with dallan. If you decide to go for one, do yourself a favor and swap the stock russian tube out with a good NOS tube. It really is worth it. As dallan said, they don't have to be expensive, and are very very easy to swap if that's your worry.
Gratulerer med dagen! Happy Birthday to all of you =)
Quote: Originally Posted by xkRoWx Then we have the squeeky headband. Try twisting them and you'll know what I mean. Now, why would anyone want to do that?
Congrats on receiving your Zana. It is a beautiful amp. Seems like we ZD owners are a happy gang, who enjoy the heck out of it. I know I do =)
Good stuff. I have the Ontech "Monster" DAC, and could not have been happier. Good luck with the sale.
Very much so.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik Solid state usually tightens up the bass, but the Zana has a wonderfully low output impedance, so it does well. I've been running the HD-800 from a Zana the past few months and I absolutely love the combination. The HD-800 with the Moth (sadly, no longer in production) is also superb, but the lows are slightly softer with it. If you can afford a Zana, go for it. It's an incredible circuit with top notch build...
Out of the cans I own, the HD800 is getting all the playing time. I don't keep track of how many hours they have, but I have been listening about 2-3 hours almost every night since I got them some months ago. To me, they are way ahead of my other cans, no comparison. They still grow on me, and I still love how they sound every time I put them on. They make seeing the limitations of the other headphones easy, in comparison. I am not surprised that there are so many...
Happy birthday! Have a great one!
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