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I wouldn't use the DT990 250 ohms without an amp let alone the 600 ohms! You greatly run the risk of underdriving them and damaging the drivers! Seriously, do not use them until you have at the very least a high gain CMOY. Especially don't us the EQ as an "amp", you should only attenuate with an EQ.
^^ lol I believe that's sarcasm   Nope they're not great profit at all. Imagine how much less they'ld make if they actually tried to spend more on quality. HP was so close to exiting the PC business last year, really wish they did.
  SQ is typically affected by ear pads.
Well your enclosure affects your sound a great deal. By having an open headphone, the enclosure becomes largely your surroundings. I can't say I know exactly why, but it would seem to be me if HRTF holds then perhaps open headphones have an easier time achieving the FR of a sound coming from your left/right.   If you replicate the sound signature of audio coming from afar, your brain wouldn't know the difference if it was actually quite close.         So if soundstage is...
Can you compare/contrast their sound?       How are you liking your DT990s w/ the Valhalla?
Sounds like your head/ears are on the larger side. I have been using my HD555s for 8 hours a day and have not had a single hour of my ears hurting or head hurting. They barely touch my ears at all and only 1-2" of the headband touches the top of my head. I'm not short/small either, 5'11.
lol -12, that's just hilarious.   Because HP does not give two ****s about making a good laptop. They only care to make money, when you make something to only make money it will never be great.
Wouldn't be surprising if they did like 16 and 32 bit more, they're powers of 2.
Illusion is a good word to use. Obviously, with headphones you cannot technically have a real soundstage since it emanates from directly beside your ears versus speakers which will allow for a true soundstage. Yet, there's no doubt that different headphones can have drastically different sound stages. It's not like our brain knows or cares if we're listening to speakers or headphones after all.   I'm quite interested in being able to measure and predict a headhone's...
  I don't think you're missing anything. The changes are not measurable.         The purpose of a model is to describe and analyse the world. To really do your experiment properly, you'ld need to have the unmodified unit and the modified unit to compare with using a variety of music you don't already critically listen to all the time(to help minimize expectation bias). What would make this more interesting is if changing caps on other units would yield similar changes....
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