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Quote: Originally Posted by m0ofassa try some porta pros I'm not too sure what the cheapest amp you can get for those headphones are (probably somewhere around 15 USD), but you can definitely get those two phones for ~140 USD. you can get the 770 for $99 (decent price) from a powerseller with good ratings there (no refund) - but it IS BDA. you should be able to get a modest amp to power them for a...
Aren't the low end Grados made in China? Therefore shipping for retailers shouldn't cost any more in Europe than it does in the US. Not that any retailer or distributer is going to pay anything like $30 per set anyway as they aren't shipping single sets by express mail!
DR150 are open so not what the OP is looking and the other ones have active noise cancelling don't they? Aren't they a bit over the £55 as well? How about AKG K518 as I imagine you'd like plenty of bass coming from cx earphones? They are available for around £50 or less and fold up, are closed and isolate quite well. The only thing you'd have to watch out for is that they tend to clamp quite tightly to your head so you might find it uncomfortable to wear them for...
Anyone know of anywhere in the UK or Europe where these can be had at a reasonable price or of a site that will ship over here?
Chinese sites have them advertised for around $55 so I'd imagine they're fakes.
I did buy both but gave them away so I can't really remember which was better, and I only tried them briefly. Suffice it to say one isn't so much better than the other out of the box that it sticks in my mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by bcpk Don't miss out on the Klipsch X1 then I got them a while ago for £23 I think. I don't mind missing out on the Klipsch deals so much as their cables are terrible for the price you pay on the higher end models. I had Custom 2 cables fail on me within 2 or 3 months of light use! No way I'd pay over £100 for Klipsch headphones unless they had replaceable cables or I heard they had improved the quality considerably.
A problem with the fit maybe? Not inserted far enough or a good enough seal?
If it wasn't for popping/driver flex noises when fitting the radiopaq pop versions I think I might prefer it to the classic version so it isn't too bad. Using foams would probably help ideal with it for me but I don't have any with a large enough nozzle hole apart from horrible cheap Chinese things that I don't like.
Better than the S4? Surely not.
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