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As a very frequent traveler, I was looking for something that provided both Active Noise Cancellation and comfort for long flights. After auditioning these for multiple cross country flights and one overseas flight, I found that while the ANC is top notch, my ANC IEMs were actually more comfortable for long periods due to the fact that I wear glasses and any prolonged use of headphones like these just squishes the frames into my head.   I hope these find a good home!
I just received unit #1. All contents accounted for. Very swank looking box!    my chain looks like CDDA Oppo DV970HD -> coax -> Audiogd DAC19-DSP -> Audioquest Blue Racer copper -> 15 band stereo equalizer -> DH Labs Silversonic BL-1 -> Audiogd C2 -> headphones   Listening to Pink Floyd and comparing against my tried and true Grado SR-225 & HF-2 which each have a few thousand hours of use.   The treble on the PM-3 is a bit funky and the bass doesn't feel quite...
I am interested in a loaner as well! Thanks!
hi what's the length?
length of the mini-to-mini?
hi all,   so my mom's old boombox has finally broke and she wanted a replacement that could play mp3 cds. i wasn't aware they still made these, but after searching google, apparently they still do. does anyone have any recommendations? perhaps ones you've owned previously? my mom had gotten a coby replacment but the cd motor burned out after about 7 months.   looking for something that will last a while. doesn't have to have crazy good specs as long as it can...
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