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M-Duo Review    
- No problems with firwire connection and it frees up another USB port ftw. - "do I consider this as a DAC ?" It's a recording sound card that bypasses onboard sound card, so it's a DAC with amplified headphone out. - "then I should buy this and an amp right ?" No amp needed, from dfkt's lips via irc "[13:57] the af have an amplified headphone-out which drives any headphone fine, from ue11 to hd650."   Edit: If you want a similar but in a USB option, look at the...
  It’s a firewire sound card that bypasses you’re onboard soundcard and offers a lot of output options. Those that own it tell me it drives the hd650s fine but it’s not an amp. I don’t own one and only recommended because it falls below your budget, I drive my HD650s with a tube amp.
If you don't mind using firewire connection, I'd say look at the AudioFire 2  
    I still have my A151s and use them occasionally but have been using the A161Ps more now as I like their overall sound qualities better. While speaking of the A151s I feel that you are on target and the bass quantity is good but I don’t feel they extend all the way low. They have nice bass texture with good impact and they are precise but they just do not extend into the sub-bass region, so I would not call them bass head IEMs.
While NTFS maybe faster, that isn't the question regarding microSD expansion cards that work with the Clip+ or Zip. Every card needs to be formatted in FAT32 to work with mp3 players and the phones I've read about. I'm not sure what would happen if they weren't but I'd venture to say that they wouldn't work for sure. I made the statement above because the newer 64GB cards don't come formatted in FAT32 and would not work in the player unless reformatted. On the other hand...
Enjoy it, BTW you can also go with a 64GB microSD if you format it to FAT32. That said if you don't rockbox it with either a 32GB card or higher you may not like the db refresh time when you change tunes on it.
While I do not put much weight on amazon reviews, base on your post here I took a look and see 460 reviews of which break out like this: 174 five star, 111 four star, 45 three star, 28 two star and 102 one star reviews. So I took a look at the one star reviews, while I wasn’t going to read them all I did skim a few.   You’re right, a good portion do complain of it dying but do not give enough information to identify the problem. While there are some easy ways to fix...
The writer uses the term “mp3 player” a lot rather than saying digital audio player and in one instant they say “mp3 users” but they probably mean digital audio file users. It’s a brief article with not much depth just trying to get the message across but the real issue IMHO is the uninformed user who thinks they have ears of steal as tinyman392 stated above. But yes you are correct the HeadWize article is so much better ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
Two interesting links on the loudness topic:  or
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