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Is the signature will be suitable for BRYSTON bha 1, anyone heard this system
what will be better with bha1 AKG K 702 anniversary or  Ultrasone signature  pro? if anyone listened Ultrasone sig pro with Bryston?
has anyone used the AKG K 702 (65 A) Bryston bha1, how does this statement?
One of the best cables, which improves all the disadvantages of LCD 2.2
entreq challenger 2010
on LCD2 I had a similar opinion to yours, if you change the cable entreq  challenger 2010 (4 pin xlr)  unbelievable how things have changed, I could not believe in it, I will not write what has changed, they are not just flavors it is completely another level of presentation (clear, smooth, much more dynamic)
I have the same hand dragonfly+bha1+lcd2.2, I'm looking for $ 1,500 Daca who would be good for Bryston?
    my bryston and lcd 2.2
  Bryston bha1
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