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does anyone have a schematic exchange plug in T1 4pin XLR?
which headphones you will get better with Bryston hd 800 or T1
Does anyone have an experience with T1 powered by Bryston BHA1 ?
or dt 770 LE will be suitable for Bryston bha1
Which of beyerdynamic version will be the best of the Bryston dt770/dt880/dt990?
Is the BHA-1 considered a good choice for use with the DENON AH-D7100?
has anyone listened SIG PRO to the Bryston bha 1?
Is the signature will be suitable for BRYSTON bha 1, anyone heard this system
what will be better with bha1 AKG K 702 anniversary or  Ultrasone signature  pro? if anyone listened Ultrasone sig pro with Bryston?
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