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Meier Corda HeadFive amp for sale. This amp was a limited edition to commemorate a Head-Fi anniversary.   RCA in, single-ended 1/4" TRS out. Solid state, class A topology. Unique because of it's built in switchable Meier crossfeed circuit. Extremely compact, measuring only 16cm x 10.5cm x 6cm. Will easily power my HD600s to stupid volume levels.   A warm, rounded sound. You can read what other people thought of this amp here:...
The LCD-X has - when compared to the LCD-2 - more airy highs, more midbass, more clarity, and much much much less congestion, which in turns explains the much better/wider soundstaging.   I like it.
Shipping to the US is an option for these bad boys.
Come on, that cable ad is BS - seriously who needs the last 0.000001% that cables may or may not provide for portable listening out of an unamped device listening to lossy files?   And while we're on about BS - WTH is "super nylon"??   Oh wait, it's just nylon, but now with a 5000% upcharge.
Hi all,    Helping a friend list a headphone -    Beyerdynamic T1 reterminated to balanced with Neutrik 4-pin XLR plug (stock cable).   In perfect working condition. Has a few very small tool marks on plastic inside of cup made during removing hardware for retermination. Marks not visible when earpads are placed onto headphones.   Otherwise in perfect condition; very gently worn for a couple of months. Comes with outer paper box, inner metal box and all...
Thanks guys.
My inline remote cable sounds fine.   Come on guys, a little bit of perspective and common sense - chances are you won't get a broken cable, even if there is one very vocal poster here who keeps going on and on and on about his broken cable...   The exception is just that - an exception.
There is no way on God's green earth that the Momentum sounds "like" the HD800 - they are completely different, chalk and cheese, summer and winter, black and white, etc.    The HD800's strengths are its imaging and detail retrieval. It has a piercing treble to some, me included. The Momentum strengths are its plump slamming bass and relaxed easy presentation, neither of which the HD800 have. The Momentum highs can most kindly described as relaxed, less charitably as...
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