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kwkarth, windows on all four sides?!? That is absolutely awesome. It's a beautiful timepiece! Was researching what could possibly be my next watch and I started looking more into the high end of Seiko and Citizen. And within Citizen's flagship Campanola line I ran across this watch, and am absolutely in love with it: These Campanolas are all supposed to be quite large though so I've been asking some owners about the case size, but if it'll fit my...
I received a pair of PK2s today in the mail as a trade item. 1 minute later after plugging them into my Nano, I was doing the thing. I've been outta the headphone loop for a while now but if this is the state of the art for earbuds, then I'm pretty blown away as these things sound practically like full sized headphones!!!
Just completed a trade with Dave, communication was top notch and I was kept aware of things throughout the trade. A definite gentleman to deal with.
JMT, this was a very fascinating read for me because it's practically the exact same situation for me. My interest in high end audio just simply died off about a year ago. I have literally not fired up my Arcam CD23T in over a year. And there's been so many times when I've comtemplated selling off my audio gear...I'm a big believer in "if I don't use it, I probably won't miss it". I've instead diverted money to other hobbies, with a big one being to simply keep my RX-8...
Quote: Originally Posted by daycart1 I've been working on a bottle of the Green Label recently. This is a really good "pure malt"-- a blend, or vatting of a number of single malts--no grain whiskey. They have changed the packaging on this and now show what is in it--at least the four most interesting ingredients: Talisker, Linkwood, Cragganmore, and Caol Ila, all at least 15 years old. The Talisker gives it a long peppery finish, the LInkwood and...
Quote: Originally Posted by slick My current collection: Newest one is the Omega Seamaster Professional Co-axial in the middle, just got in yesterday. So currently its the Tag Heuer Link Chrono Auto, Omega Seamaster Pro, and Rolex Sea Dweller. I have my eye on that new Rolex GMT Master II Steel, but I'm going to have to see one in person before I make any decisions. That right there is like the perfect collection to me...those are...
bump, also wouldn't mind trading it for a Yuin PK1
My latest watch...hopefully my last one for some time.
Sold bong an item and received payment immediately. Excellent communication, a huge pleasure to deal with.
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