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For sale is a brand new Apple ipod touch 8 GB 4th Gen in White. $165.00 shipped/paypal in CONUS.   I've sold a lot of stuff on this forum in the past including headphones, amps, computers, and other MP3 players. They used to do it through threads (Look at my signature!). I'll ship out the day after payment is received via USPS priority mail with tracking and delivery confirmation!
Price drop!! $225.00
I have an unopened, brand new ipod touch 32 gb 3rd generation for sale. It will come with the full body invisible shield by Zagg.   250.00 225.00 shipped/paypal    Check out my feedback!
bump! All you musicians check out this killer deal!
Bump to the top!
Quote: Originally Posted by chews89 Wait..Shure or Sennheiser? My mistake, Sennheiser IE8
Practically brand new. I have less than 1 hour on them yet I've had them for almost a month now. I guess I don't use them and have very little time for portable listening. Comes with everything that came in the box. I bought them new and am the original owner. SOLDDD! Check out my feedback.
Jumped on board and bought some new IE8's. Hope they fit, as I already can feel that the sonic character will be in line with what I like.
(Verizon Wirless CDMA version) $225.00 paypal/shipped CONUS Samsung Omnia in 8/10 condition. Only thing that doesn't make it mint is some scratches on the chrome binding. Screen is unmarked, back is unmarked. Camera works flawlessly. Comes with original box, manual, all accessories.
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