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 Love Blurry Blue Mountain ... The PS1000's work so great with Howe Gelb's textured vocals ...  Just a great vocal headphone all around, if you ask me .. .but with stuff like Giant Sand, where the vocalist is so pointedly right up against the mic (listen to "fields of green") and has such breathy dynamics in his/her style ... the PS1000's are freaky good.
 As a person who spent many a tormented hour comparing the PS1000 and PS1000e (really, I lost sleep and nearly got fired from my job because of it), I can tell you that they are obviously from the same Grado pedigree ... but at the same time, rather different in what they focus on. The original PS1000 has a quite noticeably colored, affected quality, almost like a "built in" EQ setting with the bands set to a "U shape" ... a definite emphasis on the highs and also a spike...
 I was mentioning to another Head-fi member the other day that the PS1000's are among the only headphones that I've ever been able to very clearly visualize a true and defined 3D image of the players of any given recording, out *in front* of me ... much like a good speaker system will allow. All other headphones I've tried, including Stax, fail at this ... with the "image" always being (strangely) behind me or above me or "in the head" ... but the PS1000's put the players...
 Ahhhhh...  A fellow Giant Sand fan... I suspect our entire and respective CD/FLAC/MP3 collections would be hugely complimentary based on that fact alone. Love Giant Sand ... such a rad, ever changing collaborative effort.  I have: Is All Over the MapProvisionsBlurry Blue MountainStromausfallThe Love Songs ... But not Heartbreak Pass. I shall have to remedy this.  
The amp is completely stock. No modules.
Added lots of recent, hi res pics ...    FYI
 The SE425 are really good ... Shure accidentally sent me a pair as a warranty replacement for a SE535 that I had to send back and so I got to use them for a few days while I waited for them to correct their error ... Not quite as detailed as the SE535 and not quite as good of instrument separation but still *very* close. The 425 is a great IEM for the money if you can find a used set ...
      Selling a pristine Headamp GS-1. It is the silver model as indicated in the picture.   I've decided to go with a Mad Ear+ HD tube amp for my PS1000's and so putting this up for sale for exactly what I paid for it.   Asking price includes shipping. Buyer should add 3% for PayPal fees.   Thanks for looking!   BTW: I'm adding more pics tomorrow as I have time to take them.   Joel
Thread revival!!:    ...   MHDT Labs Stockholm v2 DAC / Headamp GS-1 amplifier / Grado PS1000:    ...     ...   Don't be jelly. It's not healthy.   ;-)
This is sold.
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