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Hi Rudi, There will be a charge - Price not confirmed yet. RegardsSteph
I'm trying, I'm trying... but as soon as the stock comes in it goes out again :(
Ahhh - I just found this link: It looks like the closest dealer to you is - either in Arizona/Colorado/North Carolina. These I assume are all very far away from your location. Is there not a head-fi meet coming up local to you which you'd be able to attend, there's likely to be one floating around you could listen to? Alternatively the US distributor might be able to send you a demo unit for home audition - not sure this is a...
Hi Papiro2, This i'm afraid will be a question for the US distributor of A&K - http://www.iriverinc.comYou can contact them via email at the following address - They should have a list of all the Hi-Fi dealers where the A&K line of products will be available for demonstration. In the meantime i'll contact A&K directly and see if they have access to this list, if they do i'll reply on this thread for you. RegardsSteph
Hi all,   A&K will be offering the balanced out adapter but it's still in development at the moment - more info to follow.   For the UK Bristol show we used 2.5mm trrs to XLR3 directly to Audeze headphones (see below) - I also believe ALO are preparing something similar for sale via their website.        
Hi all, Just for clarification surrounding the 10,000 song limit for the AK240: There is a 10k track limitation in one page, for example if you go to “All music”, it can list up to 10k max. But there is no limitation for library scanning. That means if you put 20k tracks in the internal and external memory, it can sort all of them and list up each Albums, Artists and Genres. Also there is always the search function which can look through your entire music collection any time.
Apologies - Typo on my part should be TRRS: TS = 2 PoleTRS 3 PoleTRRS = 4 Pole Balanced
Hi In answer to your question above - you are correct in assuming you'll be able to connect the AK240 to a balanced headphone with using a standard balanced cable terminated in the 2.5mm trs. The double input cable is required if you plan to go to full size L/R XLR - the headphone out is used as a ground in this case. One of the possible reasons for the no response from A&K could be due to their preparations for the High-end Munch show, they are very busy at the moment...
Hi, is there something I can help you with? RegardsSteph
Dear All,   I have just had confirmation that testing has been completed with 128GB microSD cards by the A&k development team - results as below:   AK240 - Working AK100/AK120 - Working when card file format FAT32   Regards Steph 
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