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I can confirm, the leather case will loosen up over time and become easier to put on and remove.
Hi, I can confirm the AK120 II will accept and read 128GB SD cards.
mmm, I think this is the same for Foobar also. Clemmaster do you also use ASIO for output?
Am I right in assuming if I choose ASIO within Foobar (instead of DS) I can't have windows sounds playing at the same time? For example if I have Foobar open with a track paused then I can't hear any audio from a browser or other software? Also does anyone know how to get ASIO working for windows sounds - or is this not possible?
Hi all,   So I just had an email from Kingwa who confirmed that the DECK has now been removed from the new drivers and ASIO would offer the best solution for output. KS would be the low CPU alternative.   I'll check when i get home whether ASIO is set up with Foobar correctly.
Still 1k though right?
Hi Al, Where is the link? $1000 for a usb interface.... that's quite expensive.  Is there really a big audible difference between this/off ramp and the built in USB 32? 
Hi Al, What is the ap1/pp? RegardsSteph
Oh right - so i'm on the right firmware and driver - great. thanks
Thanks mowglycdb, I stupidly missed that :( A couple of questions I still have - so the new firmware FW2014v9forDAC32bit has been released to work with the new drivers USB-32 2014V3. Which has been stated on the main page and also in the firmware update word document. I have a master 7 which was purchased between 14th May. 2013 and  7th  Feb. 2014 USB32 V2.0 driver. So if i'm reading this correctly I should only be using the V2 drivers. I accidentally installed the v3 by...
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