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there are people out there that make sort of money in a day - if they want something they'll get it - price is not important
thanks for reply- my good advice if You look for further improvements - power cords do miracles for sa-1 - compared marantz with DCS stack - when dcs whas pluged to hydra v-ray with top of the line shunyata power cord and marantz was pluged with standard 1$ cord difference was huge bettwen players - when we've conected both players ( if You can call DCS so ) with same shunyata cord differences were minor and sa-1 gain a lot of extension on both ends and become more vivid
Quote: Originally Posted by project86 Marantz SA-1 SACD player, $7,500, Audiomod upgrades for another $2,200 Lexicon RT-20 universal player, $4,995, stock McIntosh MS300 music server, $5,100, stock Theta Miles CDP, $2,095, stock Faroudja LD1000 laserdisc/CD player, $5,500, stock (in a closet somewhere) did You buy stock or upgraded ?? - what sort of difference does upgarde make if You know - asking out of couriosity ( not like I'm...
try chord ( darker ) or abbey road ( brighter ) - if You're rich go for MIT ( magnum M1 atleast $$$$$ ) - noone is realy able to give You correct answer - with my previous amp. heimdall was ok - after I upgraded - my new amp. just didn't work with it ( weird ss of cable that came out on supreme amp. ) - personaly i think that with marantz ss chord should work just fine
>> fallow81 not yet - mine are still waiting for me and I don't have time to collect them from retailer
first thing - this cables are so heavy that they would pull of the headphones of our head and are designed for much more current - second thing - was thinking of doing the same but with IC xD - but came to conclusion that it's not worth it - to expensive - and after You deassemble IC is basicly wothless and has no reasle value :/ in case You didn't like it
i think it'll be a month atlest before I can compare them - but as moonboy403 said I expect them to be a bit different but both a little on the airy side of the bench ( which I prefer ) - that said not all the records that I listen to are great ( I don't listen to the music coz it's well recorded but simply coz I like it ) and for some surely I WOULDN'T prefer my rig to be neutral coz this would destroy all the magic that curent rig gives me with them - that said - with...
well I on the other hand am one of the people that are no bothered by detailed ( that for me means technologicaly advanced - not artificialy detailed ) spekers/headphones as they are quite often able to show You the rest of the system and reflect it's strenghts and wicknesses in the same time allowing You to change signature of the system by changing amp/source/cables and retaining high sound quality at the same time heard once thiel 2.4 ( well - played with them whole...
Quote: Originally Posted by olblueyez And when the HD850 with more bass comes out in 5 years for 1400 dollars? The price always drops on everything. The only way to prevent this is to stop production before demand has been met like the L3000 and PS-1. I personally don't think that realese of HD850 with just more bass would/should affect the price of HD800 as it's not improvement just a different flavor that can be acheived by changing something...
what's You rig if You can eq with it ?? ( source, IC, amp. ) - accept for that good read
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