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My first and only amp I have is the iqube, and I use it with the HD650. Can't compare it with desktop amps, as I've never tried one, but many a time I've turned around thinking something droped behind me/someone entered the room etc. Can't complain! Last weekend I listened to some music on the hd650, and on monday when I did the same with the livewires, I thought the drivers died because they sounded so "small". I'll probably spend more on IEMs in the future, and maybe...
Ah, crap, I was surfing the fullsized headphone forum and started a thread there ~_~
I've bought 3 Crossroads Mylarones since 2007, and 2 of them have crapped on me. One was an 2007 model and the other, 2009. The only thing they have in common is that my sister used them. Is there any IEM <$150, that isolates well, and more importantly, have sturdy stock cables? I suspect that the reason both crossroads died was because of how flimsy the cables are connected to the speakers. If they look pretty, it's a bonus. My 2+ year old livewires stock cables...
Bought the game recently, and some of it's mixes with Daft punk, are real nice. (only 128kbps..) Example You can find more on youtube! We Will Robot Rock You
Get both. IEM for travel and open headphones for home use.
Argh, I was too excited after listening... *shakes head*
I just heard the virtual barber shop, and it's soooo REAL! Are there anymore stuff like that? I would love to see the looks of people's faces when I ask them to listen to my hd650s.
Quote: Originally Posted by lucky Regardless of what you read on Head-fi, virtually every phone sold can be enjoyed unamped. Listen for yourself and decide. I'm listening it on an iqube.. it sounds great o.o But I don't have golden ears
2500 USD.. I lost a 160GB ipod before.. shame =(
Beware the weird wood resonance with outside noise.. I found it really distracting... IEMS still owns for commuting!
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