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Quote: Originally Posted by fraggerz Wow....How did TS get tf10 at 175? Can some1 link me? The cheapest i can find them are 190 The price is increasing I guess. Hello fellow Singaporeans. =) I tried the TF10s for awhile with iqube, and they have an excellent soundstage. Do UE or JH customs share this quality too?
Quote: Originally Posted by JeFFz doubt she would like customs, the way they look won't fit a girl's taste (im guessing), especially in sg everyone's gonna stare at her lol. Everyone keeps telling me my livewires look like hearing aids. Definately not for the fashion conscious. She didn't comment on how good the TF10 sounded, which is kind of sad really.
Quote: Originally Posted by cswcsw go to stereo and ask them to send it to UM to do a reshell? It's ok guys, I didn't take any offence. Reshell, as in make it custom? o.O
I doubt the mod would help, it's the size of the IEMs. I knew it was big, but not that big D:
Bought it for her bday. 175USD, plus around $18 shipping to Singapore. Total price 300SGD. She didn't like the way it stuck out of her ears, and the around the ear style. I think I'll bring her to the store sometimes to try some tiny earphones like some from audio technica. I'm still using my 2.5 year old livewires, and the seal isn't as good as before. Maybe I'll use the TFs instead of selling it off.
I think I better not try to remove it then. Giving it to my sister as a present, don't want to **** it up. Doubt will change cables anyway. Sounds real good, it's like I'm cheating on my livewires.
Awesome, thanks for the answer. Edit: I got another question, is it supposed to be hard to remove the cable from the earphone? I tried pulling on it, but it doesn't come off. I'm afraid of using too much force.
Bump, I wanted to ask the same question..
Oh my, and here I though most "audiophile" type shops let you audition stuff. *spoilt* I remember spending 2 hours with HD600/HD650 a year ago before buying.
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind, my friend's earphones just broke too... lucks seems low these days!
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