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Wow, this seems like a crazy good player. I'm thinking of getting the clip for ultra portabilty (to be used with jh 16 when I get them), and relegate ipod 6g + iqube to stationary listening. How is the flo 2 compared to an ipod/imod + decent amp setup?
They would pay $20 for stylish earphones that have "XTRA BASS" though. Hur hur! I remember back in 2006 I was still using stock sony earbuds. They hurt after 30mins of use..
Quote: Originally Posted by Eggroll I'm about to order a pair of JH16's next week and was leaning towards the Arrow 12HE for the amp. Will that be a good combo? Wow, that (Arrow) is a really slim amp. Makes my iqube look like a fatass. =/
Quote: Originally Posted by jcdamasceno89 Yeah, that's very useful too! In fact, the CX300 actually looks like a very good option... the only one that seems to fit better is the "Hyppo Shroom" (never heard about). Have you ever seen or read about this one? (reading a couple review about the Hyppo) I have it. Bought it for my sister. She choose it because it didn't have "too much bass" to her. I could do some listening for you, but I'm no...
Quote: Originally Posted by Saintkeat i think for me when i tried listening to flac compared to whatever thats in my ipod, i only noticed how much louder it is. maybe a bit more clarity but i could solve that by raising the volume on the crappier files. so maybe flac would be wasted on me. Did you adjust the gain on the mp3 files and flac files to be the same?
Quote: Originally Posted by stang All I had to do was read JH2...and that was it. Anyway you're a bit slow, it's 2:31am, April the 2nd No April fools day anymore Screw timezones It's now 1am for me, April 2. But I found this April fools funny. I want amps in my ears.
Quote: Here we go again! We are proud to announce our newest innovation: The JH26, the world's first 13 driver, 6-way crossover, quad bore earpiece! Equipped with a mini-amp in each ear! Keep checking back for more info about this ground-breaking, unheard-of achievement by JHAudio! Source: Facebook *snicker*
Quote: Originally Posted by barleyguy The JH16 is in a totally different performance class than the Livewires or the TF10, so it's difficult to make an overall comparison. (I haven't heard the 16, but have heard the 13 demos, and can still say that pretty conclusively.) But maybe someone will try anyway. I agree with you, but before I spend close to 2k of my local monies.. I had to ask! Don't want to have false expectations after spending a...
Can anyone compare the JH 16 to the livewires, or TF 10? I really like TF 10's soundstage, that's the first thing I noticed about them. Now, I feel that livewires sounds compressed. I've no golden ears too, I guess soundstage is something that people notice easily. Does JH 16 have such a wide soundstage too? My livewires are 2.5 years old, and I don't like how it's so sensitive. Hiss is really loud with an amp.
I use borderlinx. Never tried vpost before, scared get ripped off by them.
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