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Anyone got it? How does it sound?
I've been using livewires dual for the last 3 years. You really can keep them in your ears for a few hours straight without any discomfort. I've been using them daily without a protective case, just chuck them in my pocket or bag. As for sound quality, I would imagine that they sound at least as good as universals in the same price range. Recently I tried universal IEMs again, and was not used to the tips adding pressure inside my ear. They can be used for workouts, but...
I only got 30 correct. 83.3% Kind of tired, but not an excuse. I'm normal! Oh, I don't believe that musicians can get over 80%. I have tried piano and guitar for fun when I was younger, and sucked hard at both.
Start from less good, to best 1. ibuds (after someone stole my ck7, had to use these) sounded like a ****ty speaker put into a cardboard box 2. 30USD Cresyn in ears. My first in ears, my sister still uses these to jog. Showed me what a decent pair of earphones can do 3.Mylar x3. 3rd earphone Great value. Bijou & shrooms offer similar value. 4. ATH CK7. 2nd earphone Very solidly built, much nicer bass. 5. Livewires (dual, 2007). 4th earphone The most realistic in-ears I've...
Quote: Originally Posted by eucariote If you could blindly pick that cable 6/6 times I'd be a believer. I too am intrested. It took me spending most of my savings since sept 2008 of my 300+USD monthly pay to get the JH16s (not here yet). Cables like twag would take the savings of the last 4 months of my time in the army. Started a thread on a local forum and people took it the wrong way.
I'm using iqube with ipod classic, it really fills the sound. Very neutral too.
*a little bump*
Quote: Originally Posted by b0dhi I also want to point out that my hearing is not in any way exceptional. If anything it's a little below average for someone my age. The only reason I passed that ABX was because of intense training which I believe most people could also have passed if they were as persistent. I agree with this, and I think that this (training) is what separates audiophiles from average joe listeners. I myself am an average joe...
Original post a few months ago: [[SPOILER]] Since then, I've sold off the HD650 and iqube(v1) portable amp. Been listening to JH16s from my handphone (galaxy s) and desktop (logitech z5500 headphone out, connected to xfi xtreme gamer)..
I just bought my 8gb clip+. Oh my god. I have no idea if it sounds better than my ipod classic, but the sound coming out of this tiny thing is unbelievable! Is there a way to keep the screen on the graphic visualization? It goes away every time a new song plays. Would be a super cool fashion item as well.
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