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Quote: Originally Posted by Nonchalance Hi guys, I'm about to get some impressions made to send off to Fisher for a TF10 remold, a few last minute questions. 1. How often do you have to change the molds? I'm only 18, and I'm sure my ear canals are still changing. How long down the road should I start thinking about a remold? 2. How do you know when you have a good mold? I really only have the comfort factor to go by. Are there any tests for sound? Is...
IEM for me. Even though headphones sound staging is better, IEMs are so light, it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything, which makes the illusion more realistic. Sold off my HD650 after a year not because they sounded bad. They were one of the most comfortable headphones I've tried, but still heavy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Feanor Also something I have been itching to do is a headphone cable test, for that we would need 3 pairs of HD600's or 650's and put different cables on them, with a garden hose or heatshrink or something obscuring the cable and the connector. My only gripe is that people could claim the headphones are differently "burnt-in" or something, so we would need a control group who would test the same headphones, only with the same...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bína Noway. Even if you use highend universals from desktop dac and amp, Jh13 from iphone beats them quite easily. +1.. Money should go into the earphone, source, then amps and lastly cables. I've always wondered why people spend a few hundred dollars on cables, for earphones that cost... a few hundred dollars.
Quote: Originally Posted by tourneychamp23 hey I have been reading along for all 38 pages now lol and i you guys convinced me to purchase the jh-16s *wallets takes a huge hit*. my mold will arrive on Tuesday. Just wondering if u guys had any thoughts on artwork. I am a fan of the red eye red color just don't know what i want to put on it This is what I settled with.. black and red eye red translucent, with glitter art. I hope it turns out good....
Quote: Originally Posted by Trysaeder Das Keyboard Ultimate, blue Cherrys. Clocked about 7 million key presses over the year I've had it. Same as mine! But mine is with printed characters. Because a lot of people won't be able to use my pc otherwise =/
Nooo.. Don't die! I'm still very keen on hearing from anyone regarding abxing twag cables and similar.
I'm 21 going 22. I got my livewires when I was 18, and they don't seal very well anymore. What if after 3 years, I want to refit my JH customs? o.o
Just wanna mention, Hippo shrooms is decent for the price, bass light (based on my sister's impressions). Iphone version with mic available.
Then only amp I've owned is the iqube. It powers the HD650 decently, doesn't sound like it's struggling compared to when directly out of ipod. With the livewires it seems less tiring to listen from the amp. I don't think it was worth the money... should have bought a better source instead.
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