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Any tips and tricks?   I'm still waiting for my JH16s to arrive. Don't want it to become like my livewires, filled with crap and goo that can't be removed. Used a bent stapler to scrape some out, but it's still lined with flakes of earwax, from 3 years of use. Don't want my new custom to end up like that >_<   Somehow the free cleaning tool just doesn't cut it.
You seem very stubborn and unwilling to accept any replies unless they somehow fit in your view that customs are a waste of money.. It's like going into a car forum and trying to get people to say driving a lambo is a waste of money.
Pardon this simple question, I've been playing around with rockbox today. Where is the "shuffle all" option?   Edit: Thank you, lazybum!
I guess it's the same when people buy $30 t-shirts rather than $5 dollar ones, but not $300 ones. Because it looks nicer, and the price is reasonable.   On another note, I have been following this thread for a while (very interesting from both sides). I am willing to jump the fence anytime good solid evidence is provided, and I'm sure most people here are too. What I don't get are people that come into the science forum and refuse to think scientifically.
Some of the bags here are really nice.. I'm thinking of getting one for school, wonder if Dakine or Northface has backpacks small enough for 5'4" asian guy like me. =/
Thanks for taking the time to write this. I may be using phone as a source when I get to buying one in august.
Wow, if I had a shop I sure won't want an azz banging customer like you D:   Don't have UE or JH customs yet, but my livewires are still going strong after 3 years. Most of the time I have it in a cheapo case, otherwise it'll be in my pocket. The cheapo case broke a few months ago and I've been leaving it around without any protection since. Also put it in one of my front pockets in my army uniform and went driving trucks in a cross country training area in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nonchalance Hi guys, I'm about to get some impressions made to send off to Fisher for a TF10 remold, a few last minute questions. 1. How often do you have to change the molds? I'm only 18, and I'm sure my ear canals are still changing. How long down the road should I start thinking about a remold? 2. How do you know when you have a good mold? I really only have the comfort factor to go by. Are there any tests for sound? Is...
IEM for me. Even though headphones sound staging is better, IEMs are so light, it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything, which makes the illusion more realistic. Sold off my HD650 after a year not because they sounded bad. They were one of the most comfortable headphones I've tried, but still heavy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Feanor Also something I have been itching to do is a headphone cable test, for that we would need 3 pairs of HD600's or 650's and put different cables on them, with a garden hose or heatshrink or something obscuring the cable and the connector. My only gripe is that people could claim the headphones are differently "burnt-in" or something, so we would need a control group who would test the same headphones, only with the same...
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