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I listed to the first track of the Ultrasone demo cd, from the logitech headphone out. It's really good!... soundstage seems better than from my ipod. Hmm. Wonder if there are setups that sound better.. Desktop USB DAC AMP?
Do you know where I can get a cryoed extension cable?.. Just kidding! I just remembered that my logitech Z5500 speakers has a headphone out on the control pod thingy. Will try that when I get home.
I'm trying to search the computer audio forum to see if anyone have had similar questions.   My PC is on the floor, and it would be a pain in the ass (cable too short too) to crawl under the table every time I want to listen. D:
I'm not new to computers (diy and stuff) but I'm confused about computer audio.   Have a 2 year old X-Fi Extreme gamer, how do I listen to my jh16s from the PC? Should I connect it directly to the back of the soundcard?   I gave my iqube to a good friend who needed them more than I did (headphones).   Thankyou.
Thanks for everyone's advice. Today I flexed some muscles and tried to push them in more. Much better, but my fingers hurt like hell now.    
  I have asked "Uncle" Wilson from Jaben personally, and after looking at them he says it's normal. So whatever I guess. (both earpieces have gaps, but you can only see it on the right side at this angle.)
What for? What's wrong with using EQ?
So, instead of listening to the 16s yourself, you decide to just extrapolate from whatever others are saying? Why not just stop reading this thread since you've already reached a conclusion? Despite what you say, having spent so much time in a JH16 thread, AFTER buying your 13s, totally shows fanboism.. I have nothing against you, but it is getting kind of irritating.   I've demoed the JH13s before, they sound just as good. Maybe with EQ, they both can be made to sound...
At last, 8 weeks after I first made my impressions! One of the tubes is indeed more recessed. But sounds fantastic.        
Wow, that (video) is scary. Is there a commercial equivalent of westone's Audio Wipes? Shipping it would be a killer.
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