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I found some pictures of "ipod dock adapter", you're right! I have no use for it though. ~_~ Thanks =D
Ok, so today I bought an ipod classic, opened the box and found a piece of white plastic inside. At first I thought it was a stand or something, and tried to balance the ipod on it, but it didn't work. Anyone know what it is?
Ermm.. 16gb creative zen for you? =X
Quote: Originally Posted by manowar Unfortunately I can't try phones because I don't know where! Thank you Damn, what a pity =(
We need pictures! XD
I have a Audio technica ATH-CK7, maybe you could try the earphones out to see what you like?
Bump =D
Hi guys!!! A little info: I'm a Singaporean, found out about this site from Jaben forums, and ordered livewires from jaben a little more then a week ago, and currently owns an Audio Technica ATH-CK7 + some crappy sony nw-A1000 (6gb) player. I'm now looking for a much larger player, with around 60gb capacity perhaps. Not a big fan of ipods, but like the thinness of their players. Oh and I'm not an audiophile, I just happen to like good stuff ~ Anyone got any...
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