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I see.. I will rerip it and try again. Maybe I'm just too tired today..
Recently got the nuforce uDAC2. Everything sounds crystal clear and good.. but Paramore's album sounds muffled? I don't remember it sounding like it had some crappy ipod eq applied.. =(
Listening to the uDAC2 now.. hmm. hmm.. good stuff!    
Wow, this thread still lives! Much time has passed since then. I've already sold off the HD650 and iqube. Been listening to the JH16s straight out of my handphone, or headphone out of my logitech z5500.   I'm still looking for a IEM suitable desktop dac cum amp. With portable dac/amps it feels like I'm paying for the small form factor, which I don't need. The Nuforce uDAC2 looks nice though. It's going for around 140USD where I live.
Did you flash it to a newer firmware?
Anyone notice this?     When you plug the 3.5mm jack out to a headphone device (any headphone) - Headphone frequency response is modified. My ears would say approx : +6db from 35 to 200hz -2db for 500hz to 5khz +6db from 10khz to 12khz +3db from 12 to 16khz The result sounds like a strong loudness filter. And you can say good bye to most of voice definition, instrument musicality, sound stage, stereo image and... listening pleasure   source:...
Nope, I checked the equalizer a few times.
Hi Super Fied =) I never could tell apart sources prior to getting the JH16s.. that's why I'm confused. XD Ipod sounded fine with 2 driver livewires though. Maybe 16 drivers take much more to power (does it work this way?)
I'm using a 80GB ipod classic (2007 version) without an amp (gave to my friend) and the bass sounds distorted and muddy, like there isn't enough power. Feels like it covers the rest of the sound.   Plugged it into my logitech z5500 control pod, which is connected to my cheapo creative x-fi Extreme Gamer soundcard, and it sounded much better.     Been using rockboxed clip+ as my portable, and haven't used the ipod in a while. Am I imagining things?
I'll keep that in mind when I've got loads of spare cash.. fixed up a mountain bike recently, so the well's pretty dry. Thanks for all you've posted so far, it seems you're one of the regulars in this section. =)   If I don't want/need a portable setup, would just upgrading the soundcard to something from auzentech do?
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