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Hi guys. I bought the JH16 in 2010 and after 6 years of usage the cable finally died on me. I'm thinking of getting the Null Audio Arete. It has a built-in mic option, which would be useful on my android phone.   I'm kind out of touch with the audiophile scene. Is there any good reason not to get a built-in mic I don't know about?
I didn't know that was an option! Maybe when the time comes for a remold, I'll ask for the bass to be at the level of the JH13s. I'm not sure if I can hear any differences in a change of cables though, at least not when I last tried. But still, Thanks for the tip!
Hi guys, what equalizer settings do you use to tame the JH16's bass? Been using the JH16s for 5 years now. Tried the HD700 in store the other day and was surprised how clear the treble was. Went home and dusted off my audio technica Ath-esw9 headphones and they treble was quite clear too. I realized it was because of the massive bass hump in the JH16s.5 years of not listening to anything else made me forget how much bass the JH16s had. Now I feel that the bass is...
Galaxy S3 by LoneReaction, on Flickr It's a great phone!! Just got mine.
Wow that was a quick reply! Yes, I max (or nearly max) the digital volume.I have really untrained ears, things just either sound "good" or "bad" to me.. and damn it sounds good. Sure beats carrying 500grams of ipod+portable amp. LOL
I just modded mine to Voodo 5.3 and installed the audio app. I normally listen to music on the go, so I don't know if it is due to listening in a quiet room, but damn, it sounds real good! Using JH16.
Thanks for the heads up.
I've been reading on the XDA thread that 2.2 no longer has the EQ applied. You guys might want to update to 2.2 if it's available, or flash it manually.
  I've just downloaded the WASAPI plugin and put it in the appropriate folder. Is setting the output to WASAPI: SPDIF Interface (NuForce uDAC 2) and set it at 24bit. Is that all I need to do?  Thank you!
Yup, I understand that. Funny how once you have more revealing equipment, that the difference from  "Good" to "Great", becomes "Bad" to "Mind Blowing".
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