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i was happy with 2 little ones each side
starting slow is best way, I used elecrical tape
If you do the mod, start with 1 hole and go from there. You cam always cover any holes with tape
Cmoy in ouija tin, has volume on/off knob, status lamp 22$ price includes shipping
Sansa Fuze- black, has some scuffs, only used for flights when i had to turn off my phone.  $25
Soul pic per request
Sound not affected much, slightly more soundtage, much more comfort. Havent tried 55x pads yet
2/21 jbl and soul added
Now with hm5 pads with plastic tubing underneath. Seal is so good the there's suction when I take them off
Has anyone who has disassembled these know if there is room to mod these internally? Somebody mentioned dynamat, I personally have used insulating tape for same result on other headphones. Also, I have used tin tape internally to bring up high notes. Since these are dual driver- is there a way to put tin tape in for the small drivers benefit only?
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