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pioneer photos up
these are clearing out for $49 on amazon right now, their little brother the Laredo is going for $29, great deals, but probably no company support if something is defective.
Impressions up now..
These headphones caught my eye as soon as I learned of them. I love well built, physically tough headphones (and nice sounding of course!), and these seemed to fit the bill. I waited until the price fell and finally picked up a set. The box is nothing special and inside is just the headphones and cord in a tray. Instructions are printed on the box itself.  The headphones themselves are heavy, mostly made of plastic, the speaker enclosures are metal, and the cable is...
REAL beats pro don't have a huge low end, it is definitely boosted, but nowhere near what the beats studios, vmoda m100, or almost any sony xb series are. The biggest issue with beats pro are the amount of fakes out there, most of the times I hear the sound described, I believe they heard a fake. I literally have tried 5 beats pro, only one was real, and the sound difference was obvious. All the fakes has thudding, overbearing bass.  on another note, I know several people...
these are going for $35 from zagg's website right now, for that price these are a bargain
pics soon, many requests for photos
I tried the larger studios with some hm-5 earpads. definately around ear now, larger stage, slightly less bass. I might open these up soon to consider stronger drivers
These are my impressions of the Zagg zr-le wood headphones- this is the bamboo model. Another obvious Esmooth oem, I have tried 3 others here: . I have now tried all but the rectangular shaped Esmooth headphones.  The Zagg are the best so far- very balanced across the spectrum from highs to lows, slightly V-shaped sound curve but no part of the sound is muffled, very clear and detailed...
Still have the m50, there are pics in thread, some wear marks on headband , pads a little stiff
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