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These are ON the ear
I had one of these for a short time. The chrome version, very blingy. Tight fit, sound in same league as Beats executive and ferrari t350. Noise cancelling is just ok. Sound is decent, has good range, a slightly v-shaped curve, small stage. Got them for $104 off ebay. The fit was too tight so I sold them off. 
still available- just updated to 5.0 operating system. being a nexus, it gets all the updates
I will take them. What is your paypal?
Stocks pads with plastic tubing under them. 38cents at osh
I use a Recon3d in my pc- i'm a gamer- this is the previous generation sound blaster which is almost the same as yours. Mine will drive the sz1000 to thunderous levels, will also drive 600 ohm cans. Your settings are bad somewhere. I also have a Xonar ST, sound is better than the recon3d, also drives up to 600 ohm cans. 
Items added
Got my dr-z5, they are in great condition!  The sound is very 'monitor'-ish which is in line with Sony's better vintage cans like the dr-5a and 6a I have had.
silverado and v700 pics requested    
I think the reason these don't have more attention is that they are import only for the USA (and maybe other places). I have kept the stax pads on these, love them for gaming. These are monsters, but must be fed power to shine!
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