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Awesome job Mad MAx!
Trade offers welcome. International welcome- BUT- I only ship with tracking, runs $40-$50 most countries. Shipping included in price in USA   Philips Armin van Buuren A5 pro. Gold caps, one cap was installed off center and has a few scratches when i attempted to straighten it. comes with headphones, cable, and carry bag. $255   Pioneer mx9-k black  $100   Akai mpc like new, has carry bag and cables $115   M-audio hdh50 like new complete in box $115   Brainwavz...
I got one- used for a few days- i'm impressed for price- less than 40$. The highs and mids loosen up after a few hours. it is still very bass heavy, but with clarity in rest of spectrum. small soundstage. Build is plasticky but seems solid enough.    I had to compare these to the champ at this price- the JVc ha-rx700:   comfort- jvc - the jvc is curcumaural, but also huge. portability- philips- see above! sound stage- jvc- sits off your ear and has nice separation-...
update: with use these have mellowed a bit into philips house sound. A little bassier than when fresh, still slightly more agressive than the fidelio x1
the sound is rougher, less smooth and laid back. 
Here is one that I found   doesnt look special4
the cable is 3.5 to dual mono 2.5. Might be tough to find a custom cable for these
Yes, I started the thread, The momentums are smoother, more clarity and bass digs deeper. The silverados are hotter, more aggressive
I dont know that for sure, I am assuming, this was a kickstarter thing and there are complaints posted of no customer support.
sorry, not needing any dacs right now- thx
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