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I have briefly spent some time with these. Absolute junk. Thudding bass with no texture and no clarity, sounds like its clipping at any volume. Highs are shrill and weak, mids recessed badly. it as if if somebody is hitting you on the head while bats squeak off in the distance.
lol thats just a Brother all in one printer
Wow! thanks op, for a real opinion. I am sick of fan-boy only reviews, acting like their latest purchase is the best headphone ever made. 
spent some time with these, highs more prominent, bass tamed a little, mids still recessed. Sound is very in your face highs and bass, like a dj headphone. Upper end clarity has cleared up and is very nice, especially for a 'fun' headphone. Seems to work better with female vocals rather than male. Will absolutely pound with a little amping!
Got one of these from my work rewards program :) I'll jump right in, these are big, 1st thing you notice holding these is the headband. It's big, heavy, and has metal adjusters.The rest of the headphone is plastic, feels sturdy but looks too gaudy and flashy. Cups swivel dj style. Has a mic cable with an oddball 'compatibility switch' for older smartphones that have different mic plug pin assignments. If you read a review that says voices sound weird or underwater, the...
very true. Saying "i dont use eq" is the headfi version of e-peen. ridiculous.
photos of "detox" requested    
they do not have ipod controls- have not had any issues with them, work perfectly
they did mellow a little- i didnt do a burn in on them, just used them as normal. the harshness on the highs definitely smoothed out though
photos of vmodas requested  
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