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In great condition. has both cables, screw on adapter, case, cleaning cloth. price includes shipping in usa
new JVC ham55x 'xtreme xplosives' headphones here. being a long time jvc fan, had to try one.  1st, some pics: (with a fostex for size comparison)         Build: feel cheap and plasticky but sturdy, typical low end jvc, can probably handle some abuse. earpads are thick and comfy but again, feel cheap. Same with cable, feels cheap but sturdy.    Looks: well, over the top, seems designed by an 11 yr old kid trying to look cool. very large for a...
just got a t50rp, have some shire 840 and hm5 pads, various felt sheets. many many thanks for your work on this thread!
thanks for this. Can you compare them to the senn momentum or the skullcandy aviators possibly? those are my 2 fave portables and I have been eyeballing the hm9
as seen here: in great condition- price includes shipping in usa
JVC HAS400B headphones in great condition- maybe only 4 or 5 hrs on them   price includes shipping in usa
I have to update to my first remarks. These have cleared up greatly with use- the mid range congestion i was complaining about is pretty much gone. 
Aiaiai tma-1 studio 127.99 shipped B-stock I offerred 100$ and they took it. Got them, came in retail box, looked like new!
Hey thats my thread :) One of my 1st when i joined headfi! I akso 'found' the superlux and posted up a year or two b4 they became popular around here (they were big on some euro audio forum). I personally put the jvc over the superlux , except maybe the hd662 which is very 'beyer-ish'   To be fair, i love pioneer headphones, have had many new and vintage pioneer cans, till have a monitor 10 ii, hdj 2000, and hdj1500
I think we are starting to get a lot of backlash on the hype trains lately, for good reason. These forums have had too many posts of "this cheap headphone is as great as this expensive headphone" because it draws attention. Threads on nicer headphones usually just say " the xxx headphone" or " xxx headphone impressions", etc.  One rule I follow is always spend some time with a new headphone before posting up. What sounds new and exciting out of the box can show its...
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