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not sure on the SE model, the bass and gaming is personal preference
Ok the stock pads we all have give the most treble but have the least comfort. the hm5 pads seal better, slightly more comfortable, slightly better bass. The nvx angled pads give noticeably more bass BUT at the expense of treble. These earpads give these already dark sounding cans an even darker signature. (!)   The Stax pads are by far the best in regards to comfort and sound balance but cost almost as much as the headphones themselves. 
I have tried stock, hm5, and stax pads. The nvx pads are increasing the bass for me, though the increase seems mostly in the mid bass
Now with nvx comfortmax pads. These are great! Isolation is awesome and bass coming stronger
same seller
M-Audio HDH50  for 99.95 several available
please check the main thread for more info
i was happy with 2 little ones each side
starting slow is best way, I used elecrical tape
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