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I already have the L1 and M1, this is on my want list for sure
interested for possible- any of the items in my sig?
I have had a 271 and a 271 mk2 version. I think they are more of a professional's headphone, the average listener would find them pretty flat and boring. Even a hardcore headfi-er (like me) would gravitate more to the akg open headphones
You beat me Gelocks! I have had these a few days and was thinking about starting a thread. However, I always wait now so the newness wears off (for good perspective). I got mine off ebay for a very nice price. out of the box I said 'wow' great sound for the price. Now that its been a few days I can be more realistic.    My impressions: -looks nice, the metal caps are really cool! -construction-all plastic headband-I wouldnt bet on longevity here, these glossy...
yes- the pro4aaat is my fave koss. needs a good amp though
I have had some of the old electrets, nice detail, but lack bass. the pro4aa was very popular but sounds wonky by todays standards. the pro4aaa (vintage) is ok but still kind of dull by modern standards. the hv1a is a very nice vintage open air can.   for modern koss, i like the pro4aaat best (still have it). the dj100 has the most modern, consumer friendly sound   most koss cans need a good amp
no thanks, but appreciate the offers
price dropped-In great condition, complete with box and carry bag. price includes shipping in USA. open to trades as always. 
i got no phony charges, but my cc company warned me info exposed and reissued card. Thanks, rakutan
Saying "I dont EQ" is the headfi version of e-peen. Ridiculous and moronic. Every component in your system, including the headphones, changes the sound in some way. Only the sound producer/engineer knows exactly what the recording sounds like. This topic has been covered before, search for it in the special-ed section of the forums. 
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