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photos of "detox" requested    
they do not have ipod controls- have not had any issues with them, work perfectly
they did mellow a little- i didnt do a burn in on them, just used them as normal. the harshness on the highs definitely smoothed out though
photos of vmodas requested  
i have a pink jvc riptidz iem still sealed in package. will that help the pink need?
photos requested on tma-1 studio  
Time to thin the herd or trade the herd :) Feel free to make offers/trade offers Prices include shipping in USA. Photos sent if requested or needed. International buyers: tracked and insured shipping is a must, runs $40 to $50 most countries.   Sony mdr-7506 complete with box, like new  $60   Munitio pro40, cable replaced with plain black cable $80   Mikros 90 like new with box $70   Beyerdynamic dt860 with case $130.00   Polk ultrafocus 8000, few minor scuffs,...
I have an LP and an m100. I found that on the LP -by putting tape over 2 of the vents and 3/4 of the 3rd vent (just leaving 1/4 of one vent open) that the lp sounds much closer to the m100. it's not completeley there of course but 75% there, still slightly boomier, and slightly less mid clarity. but a huge improvement for a few pieces of scotch tape. I will remove the shields and put the tape inside next. 
You arent crazy. The new version with the detachable cable sounds damn good. I had the older version, it was ok, but I wasnt impressed. The new one is like 'rough around the edges' senn momentum (which I also have)
these are still pretty bassy, I tried them with macklemore 'cant hold us', got pretty decent thumping out of them, not quite as bassy as a vmoda m100 i had handy
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