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OMG- can u says "beats pro?" I knew you could. 
more of a side-grade, the denon is clearer, more prominent in mids and highs, the m50 better bass and more. 
just got a d600- quick comparison. They sound very similar, the d600 has slightly better extension and clarity on low and high end, slightly bigger stage. the d340 is a little more prominent in mids. None of these differences is very big. 
here is a comparison photo with an rx700
I tried a few tribeca wood headphones. The 1st one I got- the "studio" impressed me enough to try the "performance" and the "aviator". These seem to be esmooth oems all the way. I'll got from worst to best here:   1. The performance wood headphones is the smallest,-on ear type. The build is nice enough, wood cups, plastic headband, braided detachable cable. Sound is very bassy, slightly muddy, with recessed highs and mids. ok enough from a portable source, but thats...
thats too bad about the drivers coming loose. i have had mine for a while with no issues, it is actually the only vintage pioneer i have held onto!
m50 pics posted  
Gelocks, can u compare these to the dido we are auditioning?
Last comments before I pack these up:   !st- I had a hunch, brought out my Sony mdr-v700. The sound signature is much like the Dido, I would call the v700 a poor mans Dido. (beware of fakes)   2nd- MANY THANKS TO GELOCKS for arranging this! thanks to Dido for providing the these awesome high end headphones!
Nice , a local meet, I'll be there
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