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SZ1000 VS. DARTH BEYER - I recently got a Darth Beyer (Beyerdynamic dt770 pro with large wood cups), these are bass monsters so the comparison had to be made!   disclaimer- EQ was used a lot, the Beyer is well broken in, the JVC has maybe 100 hrs at most.    Portability :) haha- neither one is very portable and both take power to drive....   Clarity The Beyer wins on clarity, has a much smoother sound all the way through the spectrum, though some may prefer the...
express mail with tracking to Oz is $66.90 additional
A1 added, price drops
I use mine for Battlefield 3 all the time :)
I just got an A1 pro, literally looks like a mini A5 pro, sound is more "V" shaped, more of a Dj sound. I will do a review thread soon. So far out of the box, seems like a great portable
I got hte newer version, the cable is not stiff at all but very long. These are huge and dont seal well at my jaw. I put some plastic tubing along the bottom of the earpads and now the seal is better
Got mine- sound is great , construction is great, Squeezes my head though!
I loved the k550, especially for gaming, so I'm in for these.
grado pics as requested
These headphones can be best compared to old American muscle cars. The cars were big, needed lots of gas, came with lousy tires, and did one thing well-accelerate fast! These headphones are big, need lots of power, come with lousy pads, and do one thing well- bass! If you know what you are getting with these and that's what you want, you will be happy
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