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Got one- attention whoever grabs these- strong amp needed!!!
I have had the Takstar, sold them off quickly, the Takstar is another low price, bassy Chinese headphone that sounds like the rest. Could not understand the hype
technicas sold
There is a huge Samson thread around here. The superlux come with vinyl pads. They are pretty good for $30 headphones but have a lot of graininess or roughness at the high end. For the 30$ range, get a JVc harx700 or a Panasonic htf600
The Samson is a renamed superlux. I had have both, they are the same
I have had the samsons. There is no comparison. The samsons are decent budget headphones but there are better in the price tange. The shp9500 is a gem at 50$, I got one at 90$ and was very happy with it. I have also had the ad500x and ad900x. I prefer the 9500 over both
I took a chance and bought the new TDK st560s in black. I have tried a few of their headphones before and like them, they usually run rather neutral in sound for the higher models, bassy in lower end.  These come in a small box, just headphones, detachable cable, and pamphlet. The cable has a mic and a slider volume control (hello 1980s). The headphones themselves are light and comfortable, the pads are thick. However the construction feels plasticy and cheap, especially...
I dont remember the size-i bought a few different sizes from OSH- they sell by the foot. Here's a pic, I used qtips to hold the ends together. The tubing costs next to nothing -be sure to buy too much in case of mistakes
i did the earpad mod- used clear plastic tubing from hardware store under the earpads, cost less than 1$- a little more clarity on highs and mids, larger stage, and tighter -not more- bass. 
You would solder each wire to corresponding wire. keep in mind you will lose the on/off ability of mic and volume control
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