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I dont remember the size-i bought a few different sizes from OSH- they sell by the foot. Here's a pic, I used qtips to hold the ends together. The tubing costs next to nothing -be sure to buy too much in case of mistakes
i did the earpad mod- used clear plastic tubing from hardware store under the earpads, cost less than 1$- a little more clarity on highs and mids, larger stage, and tighter -not more- bass. 
You would solder each wire to corresponding wire. keep in mind you will lose the on/off ability of mic and volume control
The only thing I can think of is a) taking the volume control out completely and soldering the wires together, or b) try taking the control apart and cleaning inside
pics added to main post of A1 pro.   These have a v-shaped sound curve with emphasis on the deep bass end for a nice thump, works well with a portable source. These are small on-ear headphones, construction seems solid, like a nylon plastic
I also tried some Shure 840 pads backed by plastic tubing- it made the bass slightly deeper
Ok -I tried some tape mods- its a little difficult as these headphones are chambered and vented already, JVC put some thought into these! Anyway, Isettled on a little thermal tape on outside cup, it helped control vibration a little, also did some metal tape inside main driver chamber, helped highs come out a little. Adding metal tape to outside chamber did nothing. Overall these mods made the headphones seem slightly louder, I supposed a lot more material could affect...
Hah-we need to make one! I don't know if I mentioned this previously- In modding my JVC rx700, I discovered that lining the cup with metal pipe tape brings up the highs like a metal cup headphone, and using thermal insulating tape adds more thump to the lows (like using Dynamat, but much easier and less $$)Do we have complete diassembly pics?
SZ1000 VS. DARTH BEYER - I recently got a Darth Beyer (Beyerdynamic dt770 pro with large wood cups), these are bass monsters so the comparison had to be made!   disclaimer- EQ was used a lot, the Beyer is well broken in, the JVC has maybe 100 hrs at most.    Portability :) haha- neither one is very portable and both take power to drive....   Clarity The Beyer wins on clarity, has a much smoother sound all the way through the spectrum, though some may prefer the...
express mail with tracking to Oz is $66.90 additional
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