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I have one of each, whichever one sells I keep the other. Both are in excellent condition, come with the box, cable, and carry bags. The boxes are a little beat up.   The "i" version has a second smaller cable with mic and smartphone controls.    A5 pro 155 shipped   A5 proi  170 shipped   Open to trades as always
that is correct!
a few additions
The A5 Proi -notice the "i" at the end- has 2 cables. The 2nd cable is a 4 foot apple control cable, still kind of stiff but much less so than the regular cable.
Price includes shipping in usa. In great condition, HAS NEW POWER SUPPLY
darth byer pics added
I just got velpads today. they widen the stage slightly, a little more clarity across the spectrum, slightly less bass. Makes the he400 a little close to the he400i in sound
Got one- attention whoever grabs these- strong amp needed!!!
I have had the Takstar, sold them off quickly, the Takstar is another low price, bassy Chinese headphone that sounds like the rest. Could not understand the hype
technicas sold
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