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With Stax pads:
like this one: in good condition, has a few scuffs.   price includes shipping in usa-always open to trades
Got mine for 99$ xmas 1 day sale. I can tell you these are great, built like a tank, great range. More of an audiophile headphone than a dj type by sound
akg k550 pics    
got them in 6 days from Japan
Ultrasone pro 2500 in new condition $30   Ultrasone pro 700 slightly used $20   I think the ultrasones are interchangable, they look almost the same   open to trades as always
more added
Got my laredo today, aggressive and punchy bass. 
He has 3 of them I believe
A seller on ebay has the sz1000 for 171 shipped right now, ordered one for myself!
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