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For those of you with fit issues, note that on the new denon headphones, the cable is on the Right ear, not the left as in most headphones.
ad900x photos requested perfect condition except for small dent on left grill    
Sigh, I just saw this ad for a Sony cd3000   -which is way too rich for me, but I had a like new cd3000 a few years ago and sold it for about $450 here- a great price at the time I couldn't refuse!   But now I miss that headphone on almost a daily basis, and I think I will never hear one again!!! No other headphone (I have had hundreds) has...
not at the moment, in the past I have had a cd 3000, 2000, 850, and some lower end cans
long sold
mrd 1r pics    
OMG, I have tried a few different cables with this and the difference is .............hardly there if at all. I have recabled many headphones and some, usually older, headphones do have a little change, this isn't one of them. The greater resistance to he stock cable will make a lower ohm cable seem brighter, but that's mostly a volume increase. 
more added
Ordered mine!
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