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glad you got it working!
Sounds like you have a bad trace on the circuit board. I would jump the wire permanently
As seen here:   price includes shipping in usa. open to trades as always
denon sold
Got mine as well, no problems. These were an awesome buy
Lol fixed!
Yes of course the headband extends out. The photo on the box shows the headphones not extended. My photos have the headbands extended. 
Completed with a few impessions
I bought these about a month ago, and have been using them for a while to make sure I give real impressions. I like to use my new headphones for a while before passing judgement to get that "new toy" feeling time to pass. I have had many many headphones, including most of the usual suspects under the $500 range, and this includes many budget headphones. I have long championed the JVC harx700 as the best budget headphone, and have preferred it over other contenders from...
it should be close to the same
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