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silverado and v700 pics requested    
I think the reason these don't have more attention is that they are import only for the USA (and maybe other places). I have kept the stax pads on these, love them for gaming. These are monsters, but must be fed power to shine!
I have had an M1- there is no comparison, the 9500 is much better in every way except maybe build quality
i believe it is 1st gen, it is not the current generation, but the one before
the 5x is the earlier model, has thudding bass and very recessed highs. the 55x is much superior
In great condition!
wow those are in beautiful condition!
With Stax pads:
like this one: in good condition, has a few scuffs.   price includes shipping in usa-always open to trades
Got mine for 99$ xmas 1 day sale. I can tell you these are great, built like a tank, great range. More of an audiophile headphone than a dj type by sound
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