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In great condition, comes with amp and cable. price includes shipping in USA
I have had this (along with the hd565, hd545, hd535, hd525, hd580, and hd600). These sound very different probably due to the closed design. They were easier to driver, had very nice bass but nice range extending into the treble. Actually one of the best closed back headphones I have owned, and easily the best Sennheiser closed headphone i have heard. I regret selling mine and still hope to find another at a good price!
If you are looking, you know what these are. Both in nice vintage condition, just a few minor scratches and scuffs.    Realistic pro 30 $65 shipped    Optimus pro 155 $50 shipped   trades welcome- photos if requested
glad you got it working!
Sounds like you have a bad trace on the circuit board. I would jump the wire permanently
As seen here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/797738/hifiman-he-5le-with-stefan-9-cable-headphones-w-stock-cable-499-00   price includes shipping in usa. open to trades as always
denon sold
Got mine as well, no problems. These were an awesome buy
Lol fixed!
Yes of course the headband extends out. The photo on the box shows the headphones not extended. My photos have the headbands extended. 
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