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JVC HAS400B headphones in great condition- maybe only 4 or 5 hrs on them   price includes shipping in usa
I have to update to my first remarks. These have cleared up greatly with use- the mid range congestion i was complaining about is pretty much gone. 
Aiaiai tma-1 studio 127.99 shipped B-stock I offerred 100$ and they took it. Got them, came in retail box, looked like new!
Hey thats my thread :) One of my 1st when i joined headfi! I akso 'found' the superlux and posted up a year or two b4 they became popular around here (they were big on some euro audio forum). I personally put the jvc over the superlux , except maybe the hd662 which is very 'beyer-ish'   To be fair, i love pioneer headphones, have had many new and vintage pioneer cans, till have a monitor 10 ii, hdj 2000, and hdj1500
I think we are starting to get a lot of backlash on the hype trains lately, for good reason. These forums have had too many posts of "this cheap headphone is as great as this expensive headphone" because it draws attention. Threads on nicer headphones usually just say " the xxx headphone" or " xxx headphone impressions", etc.  One rule I follow is always spend some time with a new headphone before posting up. What sounds new and exciting out of the box can show its...
being eyeballing these, please compare them to other headphones you have as well
Xenos 3ha large protable amp. runs on 4 aa batteries, also has a wall adapter. please note- the wall adapter causes slight humming.  the amp is in great condition EXCEPT one of the two headphone outputs is broken (a plug broke off inside it, getting it out damaged it) This is a very powerful amp for its size- will push 600 ohm cans and vintage 8 ohm headphones comes with amp and plug.price includes shipping in USA
Got one of these, my quick impressions:   sound is a little congested, the large earpads are way better than the pleather on ears sound-wise. the cable is way too stiff and heavy. I had a small portable cable that fit (has to be very thin to fit past the locking tabs), now these are great portables! seem very durable, but the rubberized exterior gets scuffed and scratched very easily.   wearing these reminds me of grados because of the earpads shape :)
Pending atm
I received this with a loose headphone jack. I did repair that, but one of the cover brackets came unglued. The parts are very small and I dont want to take it apart again, could probably be fixed easily with some glue and a steady hand. price includes shipping in USA
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