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got a white one for 25 at marshalls
I very briefly had my hands on these.  nice  bass but with recessed highs and mids. sounds ok from a portable source, but hook it up to your amped system and u realize these arent that great, just another wanna-be beats. anybody around here wouldnt care for them much due to the lousy highs and mids
actually, I put the sony drivers into a fake beats pro I have. 
absolute king of sub 50$ headphones is the jvc ha-rx700. they are huge though
I had a cd3000 in like new conditon. except for the plastic hinges/yokes I thought these were wonderful, one of the best headphones i've ever heard
In great condition. price includes shipping in USA
I have a like new hm5 for trade. comes with carry case and extra cable (does NOT have extra earpads. those are being used elsewhere(, and a headphone stand. Doubt i use these 10 times.    Looking for: akg tiesto k167 vmoda m80 or lp2 audio technica ath-tad500 , a700x, ad500x, ad700x, etc beyer dt990 fostex t50   what u got?
here is my solution for the fit issue: a rubber band between the wings. please note that that this is a very low tension rubber band, its not even tight when attached, but provides just enough extra tension when on my head.  I got these out of a package of mixed rubber bands from CVS.  
Philips uptown headphones, like new, brown colored. I got a fidelio L1 so these are now redundant. FULL DISCLOSURE: the volume control slider is scratchy when moved (like many of these if you read the thread). its fine once you leave it alone.    $50.00 shipped in USA
I just got a Silverado. very nice build quality, sound is  ' V ' shaped but not too excessively like a beats studio. more along the lines of a beats pro or a philips fidelio l1 (i have both) very ez to drive. I'll post an impressions thread soon
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