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m-80 pics  
OMG- that a wild car!
I have a modded x-fi xtrememusic for sale. Was modified according to instructions somewhere in this forum :) for better sound quality. (better dac, op-amp, capacitor, etc) I have moved on and hopefully somebody else can use it, i havent tried it in a few years, worked when i pulled it
a basshead can with good vocals and inexpensive - :) - u want it delivered by your new supermodel girlfriend driving your new Bentley too? j/k   try a JVC harx700 for 35$, OR A BEYERDYNAMIC COP for about 150$ the easiest mod on a fostex would be put on shure 840 pads. really brings out more bass, but amp required
wow nice price
the mr77 is definitely distortion free at any volume. However, male vocals are its weakest spot, as the mids are recessed
Going from memory, slightly larger. The he300 is much better in the mids, slightly rougher highs
added vmoda crossfade with m100 drivers put into it
Prices include shipping in USA   AKG k120/a in great condition $60.00   JVC- Ham1000 - great condition $80.00   open to trades and offers as usual
many cans traded/sold, he300 added
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