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ALL GONE- BUT READ NEXT POST FOR MORE COPIES!!!   got 3 freebie copies of this redeemable on steam   pm me if you want one
I put brainwavz pads on mine, put the speakers a little further from my ears, opened up sounstage
many additions
the story on the beats pro- i received them as only playing on the side the cable is plugged into. I traced this to a loose connection on the left plug. In the process of troubleshooting, i disconnected the crossover wire in the rt cup. i was unwilling to disassemble the rt cup to reattach this as the earpads are a pain to remove and install and i put a scuff on one.  So thats why the cable has to be plugged into lt cup to work properly. If you put cable in rt cup, only...
Unfortunately, the earpads were a lucky find on ebay, I have no link.  I had the shp8000. The 8000 is curcumaural, nicely built, very comfortable. It was also very bassy, the highs did not come out well on anything except a portable player (due to low power), the shl3300 is the superior sounding headphone
photo with skullcandy mixmaster pads I got cheap off ebay!
phiatons added
got these for a good price off ebay and sold them the next day. Very muted sounding, no crispness or clarity. Also the surround effect is minimal at best in games. look elsewhere, headfiers...
I used some skullcandy mixmaster earpads, looks and feels nice
tribeca pics requested  
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