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seems little interest in these, I discovered by accident myself
I bit, been wanting these
many of  my headphones get very little head time, simply because I have so many. As for pricing, it's market driven of course. Some people ask too much, some too little. I have personally been accused of 'devaluing' certain headphones for selling too cheaply! I have also gotten outrageous prices and offers for certain rarities, especially on international sales. Vote with your wallet, if you dont like the price, dont buy it!
I am a sucker for metal and leather headphones! I love the sound of metal cups and metal mesh the best and currently own too many headphones of this variety because I cant bring myself to sell any. I recently acquired the California Headphones Silverado model, which is their larger circumaural headphone.  These beauties are made petty much completely of metal and leather, the cord is braided and removable. the cord does have a plug for an extra headphone which seems...
I have a sony mdr-x10. few light scuffs only, has the regular (not mic) cable, and box and carry bag.  Looking for a trade. most interested in a sony mdr-1r or an akg tiesto but open to offers. 
Exactly. If u need headband and pads make me an offer
this is the Xense version of the headset. has 1/4" plugs, seems to have more bass than a stock pc350 (which I have owned and modded) In great condition, price includes shipping. 
In great condition-few light scratches only. price includes shipping
i would call the a700 as having slightly larger soundstage. the jvc rx900 has larger stage than both but is more of a 'V' shaped sound curve
  I got the same email, it was in response to an email I sent wayfair
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