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I would say no, too bassy, i listened to some 'cello wars' lol , and I find not enough high end for that genre
I have a nano i received from apple as a replacement for a 1st gen nano that was recalled. I have powered it on and tested it and put it away. It still has the protective plastics on both sides! its stainless steel, 8 gb model. price includes shipping in USA
Audio Technica AT-HA2 headphone amplifer. This is a small desktop amp, NOT a portable amp.  In great condition, comes with amp and power adapter. Price includes shipping in USA
Trade offers welcome as always.   Sony mdr-xb500. DRIVERS USED IN PROJECT   Sony DZX701ip. this is the model with the mic and amrtphone controls. like new condition $30.00 shipped SOLD   Superlux hd669. Like new, has box and accesories. $60.00 shipped- now 45
soudstage is decent for a closed headphone- seems wide but not expansive, 3d imaging with dolby headphone in games is decent. As for details, these are decent on the high end, but not extremely detailed, bass is very textured, bass detail is great. 
could this be done to an ad500 ? could make a 150$ ad2000 !
I recently bought a philips SHP8000, has to be imported, not available in USA. I like the philips uptown, but it is too hard to drive as a  portable, and true to Philips, have a design mistake (lousy cheap cable and volume control). So I spotted these a while back and since I liked some of philips lower end shp series, I decided to take a chance.    They came from Taiwan in 6 days, $78 shipped, the box they come in is pretty sturdy with way too much cardboard! In the...
the headphones on best buys own sound system are extremely underpowered, so cans that run well on little power shine. the exception is beats by dre which has their own setup so the headphones sound great (the solos still sound horrible tho). What confuses me is that Sony has their own setup but its underpowered making all their headphones sound terrible   anf the Op is talking about whats available at best buy to listen to, not all brands in existence
headphones have been copying designs for 100 years now, since the 1st radio operator headphones. I doubt any headphone design is completely unique anymore.
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