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In great condition-few light scratches only. price includes shipping
i would call the a700 as having slightly larger soundstage. the jvc rx900 has larger stage than both but is more of a 'V' shaped sound curve
  I got the same email, it was in response to an email I sent wayfair
Vintage sony dr-5a- in fantastic condition -has original box. This headphone looks to be in pretty much new condition.  open to trades as always. Please not that these are older headphones, they have a 1/4 inch plug, and need at least a small amp.
i bought one, we shall see....
wow, premium jvc full size cans to compete with the established brands (in a normal price range, not the 1000 $ area) jvc has come a long way in a few years
just got one of these. this is a lot of headphone for $30, reminds me of when i first found the jvc ha-rx700.  I am very curious of how these drivers would work in other full size housings....
the 240df is one of the only certified neutral headphones. many would consider them bass-lite. the 240m has a little more bass, the sextetts even more bass. I personally liked the 240m best
already had that headphone, but thx for the offer!
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