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I am prettt sure the 10r and 8 are early 2000's, not really "vintage"
Monitor 8 photos finally    
In great condition, headphones and long cable only- no box. Am interested in possible trades as always.   price includes shipping in USA- priority insured with signature required
yes, disintegrated as well as the monitor 8's. Seems to be a pioneer affliction
 Mine never had any issues while I had them except for the foam inserts disintegrating
ad500x photos per request  
Monitor 8 is in, photos soon. It is like the 10r with more plastic, range not quite the same but close. Damn thing is a fingerprint magnet too!
The 10r are the modern version (10 years ago!). They sound similar, but the 10r is a little more refined, mostly in tighter bass
Monitor 8 on the way!!
Aerial7 royale $34.99 on ebay or soci electronix site- several available. I have one, pretty neat with metal and leather parts, over the top styling. But lightweight, comfy, v-shaped sound curve, bass heavy of course. originally an overpriced 399.00 http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Aerial7-ROYALE-Absolute-Luxurious-A-LIST-Over-Ear-Headphones-with-iPhone-Mic/360960331680?
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