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being eyeballing these, please compare them to other headphones you have as well
Xenos 3ha large protable amp. runs on 4 aa batteries, also has a wall adapter. please note- the wall adapter causes slight humming.  the amp is in great condition EXCEPT one of the two headphone outputs is broken (a plug broke off inside it, getting it out damaged it) This is a very powerful amp for its size- will push 600 ohm cans and vintage 8 ohm headphones comes with amp and plug.price includes shipping in USA
Got one of these, my quick impressions:   sound is a little congested, the large earpads are way better than the pleather on ears sound-wise. the cable is way too stiff and heavy. I had a small portable cable that fit (has to be very thin to fit past the locking tabs), now these are great portables! seem very durable, but the rubberized exterior gets scuffed and scratched very easily.   wearing these reminds me of grados because of the earpads shape :)
Pending atm
I received this with a loose headphone jack. I did repair that, but one of the cover brackets came unglued. The parts are very small and I dont want to take it apart again, could probably be fixed easily with some glue and a steady hand. price includes shipping in USA
These are in great condition. Only a scratch on one of the metal grills, and the headband pad has deflated with age.I will include another pad pulled from an almost identical shaped creative headset, it never bothered me so I didnt want to attempt surgery on these! These are rumored to use the same drivers as the hd580 and hd600. I have had them all, preferred the hd565. Sound is almost identical, but fit is more comfortable (larger, wider headband). Price includes...
As seen here: In great condition, comes with carry case.  price includes shipping in USA -now 100 shipped
i have the new version, i had the old version a few years back. going by memory here, the new version has much brighter highs and mids, very much improved sound, competing with my senn momentum for fave portable headphone
LOL-please dont, witty tag lines are for low end cans, not decent headphones. 
YES! I have tried many many of the FOTM low prices headphones with a catchy thread title. They mostly dont live up to the hype of the OP, I am getting to the point where it's hard to trust the objectiveness of some reviews.  The nice thing with the JVC rx700 (and many jvc headphones) is that they dont give much up despite the low price. There is no lousy construction, lousy earpads, this or that sound is recessed or bloated or scratchy or shrill.
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