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Sigh, I just saw this ad for a Sony cd3000   -which is way too rich for me, but I had a like new cd3000 a few years ago and sold it for about $450 here- a great price at the time I couldn't refuse!   But now I miss that headphone on almost a daily basis, and I think I will never hear one again!!! No other headphone (I have had hundreds) has...
not at the moment, in the past I have had a cd 3000, 2000, 850, and some lower end cans
long sold
mrd 1r pics    
OMG, I have tried a few different cables with this and the difference is .............hardly there if at all. I have recabled many headphones and some, usually older, headphones do have a little change, this isn't one of them. The greater resistance to he stock cable will make a lower ohm cable seem brighter, but that's mostly a volume increase. 
more added
Ordered mine!
Do we have shipping rules yet? Such as what box to use, insurance ,etc. maybe i missed it
I am in!
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