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Got my laredo today, aggressive and punchy bass. 
He has 3 of them I believe
A seller on ebay has the sz1000 for 171 shipped right now, ordered one for myself!
These have been modded extensively, including headband, hifiman type cable, painting, internal damping. The pads are new Shure pads which I put on. If you want brown leather Stax pads add $50 to price.
In great condition, price includes shipping in USA. Will ship insured and signature required
check ebay- these are going for 30$ new, and the laredos for 10$ + 5$ shipping   !!
It is, but why would you? Anything more than 1 watt or so would blow them out
In great condition, had it for 2 years, but was a secondary phone as work provides me with an iphone. Has a 2 piece green and black Trident case
ultrasone added, technica sold
the pro model are $199 all over the place now- anybody want to pull the trigger?
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