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I tried a few tribeca wood headphones. The 1st one I got- the "studio" impressed me enough to try the "performance" and the "aviator". These seem to be esmooth oems all the way. I'll got from worst to best here:   1. The performance wood headphones is the smallest,-on ear type. The build is nice enough, wood cups, plastic headband, braided detachable cable. Sound is very bassy, slightly muddy, with recessed highs and mids. ok enough from a portable source, but thats...
thats too bad about the drivers coming loose. i have had mine for a while with no issues, it is actually the only vintage pioneer i have held onto!
m50 pics posted  
Gelocks, can u compare these to the dido we are auditioning?
Last comments before I pack these up:   !st- I had a hunch, brought out my Sony mdr-v700. The sound signature is much like the Dido, I would call the v700 a poor mans Dido. (beware of fakes)   2nd- MANY THANKS TO GELOCKS for arranging this! thanks to Dido for providing the these awesome high end headphones!
Nice , a local meet, I'll be there
A few comparisons to other headphones i have:   VS BEATS PRO: Headfiers generally pan anything from Beats, but the pros are actually quite decent, but very overpriced. Also, the Didos are aimed straight at the beats pro market. The Didos fit and finish is like a blinged Beats Pro. Sound-wise the Dido "beats" the Beats Pro on all fronts, though I wouldn't call it a slaughter. The Dido has better extension on both ends, slightly richer in the middle, and is easier to...
Now that I've spent a few days with them:   Initial Impression: Well, it came with the left speaker/earpad popped out of the cup- I had to be very careful not to pull on the wires as I put them back together. The swiveling mechanism is a plastic ring with a few nubs to pop into place, not very confidence inspiring! (I hope its nylon and not plastic). Other than that, the fit and finish are top-notch. All metal and leather, they make the beats pro look frumpy in...
The most obvious comparison:        
Systems I will use. I am a gamer, so my main rig is my pc. Xonar ST (very sweet sound card, best i have ever heard) and a Sound blaster recon3d, I switch between cards based on my mood.  For portable I use my Lg Spectrum 2, sometimes with a Xenos portable amp.    My better headphones on hand are a Hifiman he-400, a Philips fidelio X1, AKG K550 and K612, and a sennheiser momentum.
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