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Those are long gone
all in good condition- 1 per person- tell me which u want and your location- USA only, I will tell you how much postage is- paypal only plz   rockmee gone!   Senn hd202, gone!
I doubt that all 3 sizes of pads are included. Between friends and myself, I have never seen these come with more than the included medium size set. 
If you have a sound blaster z sound card, it will drive headphones up to 600 ohms. Do you have the software installed? There are settings for eq, try playing with those.
Sol xc added
Yes- they are d600 pads. I took them off a d600 I have, might be hard to purchase. I have also used ZMF cowhide pads. These are huge, took away a little of the mids, but very large soundstage. 
On the Hope 6- the denon earpads brought out a little more stage and bass. The comfort increase is fantastic as the stock pads are horrible.  On the Hope 4- the stock earpads are comfortable BUT perform like open air foam pads, all the bass is gone. Putting on the shure earpads greatly increased the bass and tamed some the shrillness on the highs. Sounds like a great, nicely detailed headphone now. Not up to what the Hope 6 is, but much closer. 
Pic with my hope 6 and hope 4. the 6 has denon earpads, the 4 has shure earpads. final audio just can't get earpads right!
Sentey thorx $20 from sentey-ebay. These are great budget headphones!
Pandora hope iv- great condition, complete with box and new shure earpads. the stock pads are junk and are coming apart at the seams.SOLD   Master Dynamic mh40 -In great condition. has headphones, remote cable, and carry bag. $220   Open to trades. Price includes shipping in USA
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