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more added!
I bought this-works great- its pictured here somewhere
these are made to be driven from a speaker amps leads
The soundstage has increased, mids a little less, treble slightly more sparkly, bass about same. I very much like them
I have cowhide on mine, really like them
Zebra wood, got these from another headfi peep, recabled them, sound is bright mids and highs, good bass thump and reverb with the wood cups. Gonna play with different pads next
mine so far... gonna work on sealing drivers at opening and a new headband
Please check my threadschedule for possible trades, thanks
price includes shipping in USA.  Senn hd630vb- has a few scuffs/scratches, otherwise great condition. $270 the Denon are well used, some scuffs and scratches on cups and yokes, one of the rubber grommets is torn, cable has kinks. pads in great shape. open to trades as always $320 shipped SOLD!! The Beyer are also well used, the headband sliders are a little loose, and there are a few dents and scuffs on cups $400 shipped Sold!!
e09K, Looks great, light goes on and then fades out. I do not have stock power supply, it might be as simple as that, I dont know for sure. sold as-is, price includes shipping
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