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pics added to main post of A1 pro.   These have a v-shaped sound curve with emphasis on the deep bass end for a nice thump, works well with a portable source. These are small on-ear headphones, construction seems solid, like a nylon plastic
I also tried some Shure 840 pads backed by plastic tubing- it made the bass slightly deeper
Ok -I tried some tape mods- its a little difficult as these headphones are chambered and vented already, JVC put some thought into these! Anyway, Isettled on a little thermal tape on outside cup, it helped control vibration a little, also did some metal tape inside main driver chamber, helped highs come out a little. Adding metal tape to outside chamber did nothing. Overall these mods made the headphones seem slightly louder, I supposed a lot more material could affect...
Hah-we need to make one! I don't know if I mentioned this previously- In modding my JVC rx700, I discovered that lining the cup with metal pipe tape brings up the highs like a metal cup headphone, and using thermal insulating tape adds more thump to the lows (like using Dynamat, but much easier and less $$)Do we have complete diassembly pics?
SZ1000 VS. DARTH BEYER - I recently got a Darth Beyer (Beyerdynamic dt770 pro with large wood cups), these are bass monsters so the comparison had to be made!   disclaimer- EQ was used a lot, the Beyer is well broken in, the JVC has maybe 100 hrs at most.    Portability :) haha- neither one is very portable and both take power to drive....   Clarity The Beyer wins on clarity, has a much smoother sound all the way through the spectrum, though some may prefer the...
express mail with tracking to Oz is $66.90 additional
A1 added, price drops
I use mine for Battlefield 3 all the time :)
I just got an A1 pro, literally looks like a mini A5 pro, sound is more "V" shaped, more of a Dj sound. I will do a review thread soon. So far out of the box, seems like a great portable
I got hte newer version, the cable is not stiff at all but very long. These are huge and dont seal well at my jaw. I put some plastic tubing along the bottom of the earpads and now the seal is better
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