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Aerial7 royale $34.99 on ebay or soci electronix site- several available. I have one, pretty neat with metal and leather parts, over the top styling. But lightweight, comfy, v-shaped sound curve, bass heavy of course. originally an overpriced 399.00
it is very open and airy, large soundstage, highs a little recessed, very similar to sony open air cans
Awesome job Mad MAx!
Trade offers welcome. International welcome- BUT- I only ship with tracking, runs $40-$50 most countries. Shipping included in price in USA   Marshall monitor with box. missing silly removable felt inserts to soften treble. $125   Monster dna pro. cable has been replaced., with box   $99 (photos up)   Polk audio Buckle $76.00   Koss Pro4aat with case 60$     Aiwa hp-ak100 30$ (this is a poor mans mdr-f1)     Tribeca performance wood headphones $20   photos...
I got one- used for a few days- i'm impressed for price- less than 40$. The highs and mids loosen up after a few hours. it is still very bass heavy, but with clarity in rest of spectrum. small soundstage. Build is plasticky but seems solid enough.    I had to compare these to the champ at this price- the JVc ha-rx700:   comfort- jvc - the jvc is curcumaural, but also huge. portability- philips- see above! sound stage- jvc- sits off your ear and has nice separation-...
update: with use these have mellowed a bit into philips house sound. A little bassier than when fresh, still slightly more agressive than the fidelio x1
the sound is rougher, less smooth and laid back. 
Here is one that I found   doesnt look special4
the cable is 3.5 to dual mono 2.5. Might be tough to find a custom cable for these
Yes, I started the thread, The momentums are smoother, more clarity and bass digs deeper. The silverados are hotter, more aggressive
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