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If you ever buy it, Sean, please squeeze a couple for me Don't know what to do with them but they are one of the quad attenuators that I still haven't tried.
What? I thought the Rudistor thing is the best?
I have 4 matched quads or 8 matched pairs of Telefunken E88CC that I want to sell. They are all NOS, made in Germany with gold pins and diamond logo. Pristine condition, with less than 5 minutes usage each, mainly for testing purpose. These tubes were extremely well matched to 5%. There is no need to introduce about these gems. Truly the Holy Grail of 6dj8/6922/ECC88/E88CC family. Especially well matched with Cavalli, Schiit amps or any tube amp that calls for the...
Just start with the T2. Live hard or die trying.
Resistance is futile.
So when are you building the T2, John?
I am looking for one piece of Avel-Lindberg 2x30v 80VA transformer, new or used doesn't matter much. Please let me know if you have one FS. Thanks
Pics please.
Up for sale is a like new DACmini CX with 1 ohm modification from CEntrance. It comes with all the box and original accessories. I just have no time to fool around with it. 625$ incl pp fees and shipping anywhere in the world. Feel free to PM me.
Of course they do. Rare to see any ES9018 design that doesn't have I2S input.
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